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Sep 04, 2018
Brandi S.
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Subscribed for 1 month 7 days

I was very excited to get this box that I ordered back in I think the middle of July but I still haven’t received it. Tracking just says in transit to next facility. I have tried contacting the seller but I haven’t heard anything back. Contacted the post office and they said it was on its way and there’s nothing else they could do for me. Very unhappy.

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Scarlet Spice Box said...Sep 04, 2018

Hi Brandi,

We’re sorry that you haven’t received your box yet and we have no idea why it’s still in transit. Most domestic subscribers receive their box 1-3 days after we’ve shipped. Good news is it’s supposed to be delivered by this Friday. Unfortunately, we have no control over snail mail. Hope you enjoy the box once it’s received! If you have any more issues contact us at


Never recieved

Aug 27, 2018
Emily T.
2 Reviews

I ordered this about 2 weeks ago, maybe 3 weeks and I still have not gotten it. I messaged you guys and you said theres something going on involving UPS... Im about to say just give me my money back.. Cause i might not even get my box at all...

Scarlet Spice Box said...Aug 28, 2018

Hi Elizabeth! We understand that new subscribers anxiously await for their first box. However, it was communicated to you that subscribers who sign up at the first of the month and thereafter will receive their box the following month. Yes, this is a long wait since you signed up early in the month but be patient and you will receive your first box around the 7th of next month. Thanks for subscribing and we hope it’s worth the wait!


Poor attention to detail

Jun 18, 2018
Shannon O.
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Subscribed for 3 months 26 days

They didn't listen to me and have poor customer service. The initial survey for the box asks what they shouldn't put on the box. The item that I told them I didn't want, they put in the box. Additionally, they sent a list of box contents and two items were missing. The value of the items versus what I paid ($40) was no value at all. The mailing label was created on the 7th (per their shipping policy), but not given to the carrier until the 11th, leaving only a day between when the box arrived and when my card was to be charged again. When I messaged the seller that I was disappointed that they didn't pay attention to my survey and missed two items that were on the packing list (at the time of cancellation), they sent back an email saying that we're sorry for the oversight and wished they could've corrected the issue, had they been given a chance. In my opinion, it's never to late to offer a refund or correct mistakes, even if the customer chooses not to spend more money with you. Would not recommend!

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Scarlet Spice Box said...Jun 18, 2018

Shannon- Thank you for the detailed feedback. However, as explained before the Product list insert is comprehensive of the Ultimate “O” Subscription and your purchase was Scarlet Spice. The list is given to all subscribers in hopes they will want to upgrade to enjoy the full experience of the Scarlet Spice Box. Also, your purchase was a gift which would not have renewed the following month. We pride ourselves in creating the upmost experience and value with every subscription. Once again, I apologize you were disappointed and did not have the Ultimate “O” experience. Kind Regards!


Oh no !!

Jun 15, 2018
Kelsey W.
1 Review
Subscribed for 1 month 9 days

I love the sex toys in both boxes although the first box had one sex toy and just perfume so not much Variety and the second box only came with 2 things instead of 5.

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Scarlet Spice Box said...Apr 05, 2018

Hi Kelsey, I apologize you were disappointed about the amount of products that came with your Simply Scarlet subscription but it only comes with 1-2 items. However, since you do like the products feel free to upgrade your subscription to one of the Scarlet Spice boxes to experience more toys. Thanks

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