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3.8 of 5 stars
by Elizabeth written 2 days ago
Neither of the panties I got were my style, and one of them was made of very thin, cheap material. I’ve requested a return or at least an exchange. But at this point I’m not recommending them.
by Dakota written 25 days ago
2 amazing pairs of panties
Just recieved my first package!
by Susli written 3 months ago
Very nice quality! Super comfortable and will definitely recommend it. Can't wait to see more!
by Morgan written 4 months ago
Very cute panties! I got a simple light blue thong and a sexy grey lace front cheeky. Both are very comfortable to wear and fit well. Unfortunately the grey lace cheeky had straps for the waist and after only one time wearing it a strap has come off and just hangs. I was really sad because it was my favorite of the two panties. Cant wait to see what I get next month
So far, not impressed
by Amber written 6 months ago
Just sdrzubscribed - shipping was super quick, so that was nice. But I'm normally a small, sometimes medium, so I went with medium to be safe. Um, these are like child size medium. What gives?
by Alexandra written 6 months ago
Neither pair of underwear I received were my style or very high quality material in my opinion. I wish they would have let me set a few more specifications to help determine the type of underwear I prefer other than just the shape.
Worth it!
by Jess written 6 months ago
I previously subscribed to a different panty subscription and the sizing was so inconsistent with what I received. Yes, the tags listed the correct size I signed up for, but the fit from one pair to the next was obviously off. You won't have that with this sub! They really work to get the sizing accurate. Also, judging from their website, they really encourage you to simply do it month to month. Most subs encourage you to prepay. I think it's a great sign that this sub doesn't. This is my third month with them, and I love not having to worry about getting what I paid for!
by SunshineSalewsky written 10 months ago
Thank you Haute Lips for being so helpful with sizing and style. Panties are adorable and good quality!! Loved the packaging 💕
Love this!
by NataliaCherry written 10 months ago
Love this subscription! Panties are the last thing I remember to get when I'm shopping, but the thing I need the most! Signing up was fast and easy, I get them in the mail every month without having to remember to get them, and they are always super cute! I've had one pair not fit, I contacted them, and they are exchanging them for a new pair. So far I have enjoyed this subscription a lot!
Fun, cute, and comfy
by Annie written 10 months ago
Love this company! The panties are adorable and well made. Customer service has been so helpful and on the spot. I like to change up the styles every now and then and have loved each style.