A Hawaiian coffee club featuring a different coffee each month from the beautiful Hawaiian islands

Plans as low as $33.00 / month

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Buyer beware...

Jun 15, 2018
Rachael W.
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This was a terrible disappointment. I got a three month sub for my parents for christmas and we just got the first box. It was a small ($5) bag of coffee and a small chocolate bar. For $35. So maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe two pots of coffee, if stretched (as the small bag was mostly air, not beans.) We've been to Hawaii, so we're familiar with the prices there. Stay away from this one.

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Hawaii's Coffee Box- A Hawaiian Coffee Tour in a Box said...Jan 31, 2018

the contents always match or exceed the cost to buy them elsewhere. If you visit the featured brand’s website you can order the same products for $35. We featured a Kona Bloom Coffee in January which is one of the pricier specialty coffees. This subscription is a service that provides a way to try new coffees from around Hawaii, not to provide a month supply of coffee for an entire family. The cut off date to order the current month’s featured coffee is the 14th. Our website clearly states that if you order after the 14th you will receive next month’s box which ships toward the end of the month. We do this so that the featured coffee brand knows how much coffee to have...

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