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A Hawaiian coffee club featuring a different coffee each month from the beautiful Hawaiian islands

Plans as low as $33.00 / month

Hawaii's Coffee Box- A Hawaiian Coffee Tour in a Box reviewsReviews

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by Lawrence S., Jan 03, 2019

December's coffee shipment was over the top! The two bags of light and dark roast were just what I needed to get through Christmas and the new year. Delicious beans from growers and roasters who really know their stuff. In fact, I'm drinking some right now☕️☕️☕️. Thank you and well done!

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Hawaii's Coffee Box- A Hawaiian Coffee Tour in a Box said...
Feb 19, 2019

Mahalo for the raving review Lawrence! So happy to learn you are enjoying your subscription and what Hawaii has to offer. Glad we can help with your survival during the busy holiday season.

Aloha Mail

by Jerome S., Dec 31, 2018

I've have been receiving the Hawaii Coffee Box for almost a year now and its like a little piece of Aloha in the mail everytime. Being able to try coffee from different roasters is amazing.

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Hawaii in my cup.

by Lawrence S., Oct 14, 2018

All I need now is palm trees and a steel guitar playing...
Coffee is delicious as always!

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by Victoria M., Sep 07, 2018

My hubby and I look forward to receiving our Hawai'i Coffee Box each month! It's always a wonderful surprise something different which is exciting and intoxicating!!! Especially the smell of these brewing in the morning.

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My own personal Coffee Shopper

by Stan D., Aug 22, 2018

IMHO, one should view Hawai'i Coffee Box as your own personal Coffee Shopper whose purpose in life is to provide you with different flavor profiles to explore and enjoy.

1) I am very pleasantly surprised at the number of high quality coffee producers there are in Hawaii.
2) With each coffee producer either delivering product to their own high quality flavor profile or trying to find a unique niche, the consumer (i.e. "me") benefits from a wide range of tastes.
3) Then there are sometimes "surprises": a) sugar cane stir sticks, b) chocolate covered coffee beans - I am such a sucker for these things, c) "turmeric chips" - I never had these before, and d) coffee mugs - normally I would rather have more beans, but I received a mug that retained heat so well that I purchased 4 more.

1) Sometimes the flavor profile of the beans received are not to my personal liking (this is to be expected).
2) If you get a winner, you "only" get 8oz-16-oz: I WANT MORE!!!! ;-)
3) Wah, wah, wah (whining): during the summer months, I don't drink hot coffee so I do not personally value the shipments as much as I do during the cooler days.
4) I am concerned when the day comes when a coffee producer is repeated (after all, Hawaii is a series of islands and there are a finite number of coffee producers); however, each producer has several different blends, so getting a repeated product could take some time.

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A unique taste of the islands

by Judy P., Aug 12, 2018

I really enjoy my monthly shipment. It is fun to taste the variety of coffees from our islands, and usually there is a little extra included as well.

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The gift that keeps gifting

by Jennie N., Aug 09, 2018

I originally purchased a three month subscription for my husband for Christmas, because we both love Kona Coffee. The only way we were able to get it was when we were in Hawaii. But with the Hawaii Coffee Tour in a box, we have been enjoying it at home in California for over a year and a half. We couldn't be happier with the selections, the quality, the bonuses that often come with our coffee, and the memories that come back from our Hawaii trips. Even if you've never been to any of the islands, you're sure to love them, with a simple cup of coffee from there.
When company comes to visit, we always hide the good stuff, and share Costco coffee instead...sorry not sorry!

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Hawaii's Coffee Box- A Hawaiian Coffee Tour in a Box said...
Aug 16, 2018

Aloha Jennie! Thank you for taking time to share your experience with us. We've loved taking you on this Kona coffee journey with us and look forward to continuing to bring back those memories of beautiful Hawai'i.

Aloha Coffee every month.

by Jerome S., Aug 05, 2018

I'm on a Month to Month subscription but every box so far has been outstanding. Just being able to try different coffee beans from different locations from Hawaii is great. Is like Aloha goodness in the mail every month.

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Aloha Goodness

by Lauren J., Jul 07, 2018

I am so insanely happy with this box! My Ohana lives in Hawaii so I am very excited every month to receive a little piece of Hawaii! I think it's awesome including the story of where the items in the box came from that month! I have become somewhat of a coffee snob after this!

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Love everything about this box!!!

by Rebecca P., Jun 15, 2018

Oh how I enjoyed my morning tour of Hawaii. I did so without leaving my chair and the comfort of home. Nevermind the coffee being wonderful, I received a good size chocolate bar!! I was able to share it between the 3 of us and a story about both the coffee and the cocoa beans and how they came to together to provide it's farmers with year round crops, but it's customers with year round products to enjoy. You should take the tour. I leaned a bit and enjoyed a lot.

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Hawaii's Coffee Box- A Hawaiian Coffee Tour in a Box said...
May 22, 2018

Aloha Rebecca!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. We are so happy to learn that you enjoyed the contents and learning about our featured roaster. We look forward to continuing to share our findings with you.


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