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4.6 of 5 stars
by Shelda written yesterday
My husband LOVES Basic Man's unders. We had a 'try" and he got a one month set of unders, and he loved them so we got the three months for 50?? We were going to wait until November and re-subscribe but the auto subscribe took over and we didn't know it. I see where we have been charged for Sept, Oct, and Nov so just let those three months go thru. Husband will be happy. No extra drawer space so I guess we will fly them off the front porch. That will be beautiful. Love the colors. Please do not auto-subscribe in the next three month period. We will take a break and get back to you as we have worn outs. Thanks Please let me know that you got this message. S Cobb
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Please cancel
by Sheryl written Aug 01, 2018
Please cancel my subscription.
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Fastest shipping
by Sheryl written Jul 31, 2018
I have several other Cratejoy subscriptions and Basic MAN shipped the fastest of the ten other subscriptions. Also, I was so happy that both packages (one for husband/one for son) came on the same day, so my son could choose the one he liked first. He has autism, so he has certain preferences and they both wear the same sizes. Basic Man sent two different colors for each item which was thoughtful. I love that these came inside an easy to open envelope and not a box. Also, I am so tired of boxes, but envelopes I can re-use for shipping myself at less cost to me.
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Love, love, love
by Sheryl written Jul 31, 2018
Love your package, in fact, I ordered one for my husband and one for my son. They wear the same sizes, so it was so nice to have two different sets, two different colors, for them to choose which they liked best. Love the envelope, so tired of always getting boxes, and when I ship I can re-use the envelope. You were thoughtful in making them easy to open. This was my first order and I am never leaving you, I could not have done a better job if I had shopped for them myself.
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Great Stuff!
by Tim written Jul 09, 2018
This is the perfect subscription box! Very soft, comfortable, and quality made! I'm so glad I found it. My wife liked it so much, that she signed up too!
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Great customer service!
by Ann written Jun 26, 2018
My first shipment included old stock by accident. I contacted CS and they resolved the problem right away. I truly appreciate this kind of service from my subs.
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Quality Varies Greatly
by Stephanie written Jun 21, 2018
At first this seemed like a great subscription. The products all seemed good quality and there were no issues with customer service. However, the quality seemed to continue to decrease and then one month would be much better and I had a multi-month subscription so I was locked-in. My latest shipment was the poorest quality of shirt sent yet and I will definitely not be renewing my subscription. I’m put-off by the poor customer service I received when, without my permission, I was charged for a 3-month subscription while I still had 2-months left on my then current subscription. I emailed asking my for a refund and the double order be fixed. I was only refunded for the unsent boxes even though I never wanted an additional box in the same month. BasicMan customer service said they could not have made the error and so it must be my fault. I initially recommend BasicMan but now would not do so and advise not purchasing an extended subscription if you are going to give BasicMan a try so you don’t get stuck with many shipments of low quality shirts.
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Basic MAN said...
Jun 21, 2018
Hello Stephanie - thank you for the feedback, we are constantly trying to make improvements to our products. This is a never ending cycle, and we are always looking for updates. In the coming months, our t-shirts will actually come pre-washed to avoid shrinking, something customers have been asking for. A few months ago, we've also adjusted sizing of our boxer-briefs and lengthened the inseam, again something we did through feedback from our subscribers. As for your subscription, all of our plans, whether they are 1, 3 or 6 months, auto-renew unless the gift option is selected. This is something that is stated very clearly when you subscribe. It is on the checkout page, as well as the confirmation email you receive after placing an order. We are sorry if there was any confusion here. As to the auto-renew happening before your subscription ended - upon reviewing your account, it looks like you actually have 3 accounts that you've created. The first created on Dec 28, which was a gift order that ended after one month. You then created another account on Jan 5th which was a 3 month plan that renewed in April. When you reached out to us in April, after your April shipment was already sent out, we cancelled your last 2 shipments and refunded you that cost of $36.66. You also created another 3 month account on March 26, this was a gift order which ended at your last June shipment. We are sorry this has caused you an inconvenience, but creating new subscriptions is out of our control. We understand managing 3 accounts could be difficult, but we are happy to assist.
by Amy written Jun 09, 2018
Nice quality fabric, loved the color selection. Very affordable way to keep up with basic needs while still getting decent items.
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by Margaret written Apr 21, 2018
Loved the quality and the fit of the items! Can't wait for next month!
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by LA written Mar 16, 2018
Material is soft. Everything came on time and was the perfect fit. I ordered this for my husband and he was happy with all the items.
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