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4.6 of 5 stars
by Margaret written Apr 21, 2018
Loved the quality and the fit of the items! Can't wait for next month!
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by LA written Mar 16, 2018
Material is soft. Everything came on time and was the perfect fit. I ordered this for my husband and he was happy with all the items.
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Great customer service and products
by Kendra written Mar 08, 2018
I ordered a 3 month subscription for my husband and he loved it! The products are great quality. The sizes are a little small (ordered xxl to be safe, he’s usually xl and it was on the verge of being snug). The customer service is amazing, they get back to you with concerns right away!
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Great Value
by Matt written Feb 23, 2018
The quality and items were a great value. Plus with the low price, I'll always have a fresh pair of underwear and socks every month
by Vipul written Feb 23, 2018
Love the shirts & the socks, would spend the money on the socks alone
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by Nevil written Feb 23, 2018
Quality of the boxers and tshirts are outstanding. Tshirts can be worn as undershirts or on their own... definitely worth the money.
Great Quality
by Kunal written Feb 23, 2018
For $20, you're not finding better quality than this. MeUndies has the same type of underwear, and those are $20 alone.
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by Justin written Feb 12, 2018
I received my order very quickly and was excited to try something new, I've been wearing boxers for the last 25 years. The feel of the underwear fabric is very soft and comfortable. However, it does eventually start riding up during the day. It's also taking some getting used to not having a fly, even as a kid all my cartoon underwear always had a fly. I noticed a response to another review that changes are happening with the underwear style to now include a fly so I'll stick with this a little longer to see if the updates improve how much I'll enjoy the underwear. I've also started paying more attention to where the products I buy come from in order to buy local and US made stuff, so this may also determine how long I continue the subscription. No complaints with the shirts, pretty standard. The regular sized socks are much nicer than my boring white socks.
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by Kimberly written Feb 10, 2018
Order for my husband and he loved everything! The undies we're perfect super soft, form fitting and they look amazing on him πŸ˜‰. He is 6'1 so sometimes tee's will be too short &/or wide but these fit him just right. I also enjoy how sexy he looks in just the tee and briefsπŸ˜„. TY for bring the basic out in my man! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰
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Above and Beyond
by Matthew written Jan 12, 2018
I ordered the wrong size shirts, One easy email and the issue was resolved. Quick response, friendly email. Best customer service I've had in a long time. Added bonus I was instructed to keep the shirts. Thanks.
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