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poor customer service

Feb 07, 2019
Amy R.
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Subscribed for 2 months

i think the products are ok however the customer service is very bad.

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Basic MAN said...Feb 11, 2019

Hello Amy - we're sorry you are disappointed with our customer service team. As discussed via email, you had 2 open subscriptions which we understand were for 2 different people but were under the same name. When you canceled one, you mistakingly canceled the wrong one, which is frustrating. We let you know right away when we noticed this and asked that you correct this and gave you a step-by-step tutorial on how to adjust the sizing back to what you need, but this was never done. When your subscription renewed, it renewed with the sizing that was left in the system since you never updated it, and this is why the wrong size was shipped. As discussed, if you would like to return the...


Hasn’t shipped. Nothing to give as gift.

Jun 14, 2019
Andrea N.
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Subscribed for 6 days

Seller promises a 1-2 business shipping. Timeframe. That’s an outright lie. Almost a week later and nothing has shipped. All it says is label created. Also promised shipping would be 2 day priority to make up for shipping delay, but the label created was for first class. Would have loved to try this for my husband, but do not like being promised things that aren’t delivered. This won’t be here for Father’s Day and I won’t be recommending this sub. Don’t over promise things just to get sales. That’s shady and dishonest. Be honest and I’m fine, but when you lie, nope.

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Basic MAN said...Jun 20, 2019

Hi Andrea - we're sorry you had such a bad experience. Our shipping policy does state that we will try to ship new orders within 1-3 business days (not 1-2), but it also states that this is an estimate and that we will try to get orders out in this time frame but cannot promise this. We do apologize for the delay, and as you stated, Father's Day did set us back. We are a 3-person operation, and we do go through growing pains and try to do the best we can with our small team. We apologize, and we did refund you 100%. We hope you find that satisfactory.



Mar 02, 2019
György I.
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Nem lehet követni a csomagot.

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Cancelled order wont refund my money

Jun 15, 2018
Allynda C.
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I was going to order from Basic man but changed my mind. I cancelled the subscription 2 seconds after ordering and they won't refund my money! BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!!! Have contacted Cratejoy regarding this issue.

Basic MAN said...Dec 28, 2017

Hello Allynda - we are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Unfortunately we cannot control when your credit card is charged, and in fact, typically cards are always charged the second you submit your order on any website. That being said, we received your complaint on 12/24, and we responded to you the very same day giving you the option of a full refund or 50% off your order if you would like the products sent, however we never received a response. If you would like to resolve this issue, we are still more than happy to assist you, please respond to our email. Thank you.

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