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Arctic Superfood from Finland

by Arctic Superfood from Finland
A monthly subscription of Arctic berry powders & spruce sprout powder to boost your well-being.

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Pure, powerful & tasty superfoods from Finland

This Arctic superfood subscription makes it easy to boost your well-being with a genuine taste of pure Arctic nature. You can use these powders to make some spruce sprout latte or just stir them to your smoothie/yogurt/chia pudding/whatever. These powders also make a great addition to raw chocolate, nice cream, diy granola bars & energy balls etc.

  • There is something magical in the herbs and berries of Northern Finland. In the summer they grow 24/7 under the midnight sun enjoying the purest air in the world, in the winter they don’t fear harsh wind and snow. According to studies, wild berries growing in the northern latitudes are especially rich in health-beneficial ingredients, such as vitamins, flavonoids, minerals and antioxidants. Those are beneficial for healthy skin, hair, immunity and even metabolism.
  • Nutrients are in the food form – which means your body absorbs them better compared to supplements. No added sugar, no GMOs, no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no soy, no fillers, no gluten. Great gift for anyone - also for vegans! 100% well-being. 0% clutter. #ConsumableGift
  • Monthly box includes three organic berry powder mixes (red, blue & yellow) + spruce sprout powder. Spruce sprout powder is an official Finland’s 100th birthday product and has also received a honorable mention from VisitFinland for being an outstanding and a truly Finnish product.
  • Spruce sprout powder & berry powders (wild blueberry, blackcurrant, black chokeberry, crowberry, sea buckthorn, cloudberry, rosehip, lingonberry, cranberry & redcurrant) are an easy way to "eat the rainbow" everyday. Even picky kids can do it. Just stir the powder to a smoothie/yogurt/whatever.
  • Spruce sprout powder is a great example of the new green economy. Usually forest owners get paid after the trees are cut. Now they get paid to keep the trees alive - spruce sprouts are valuable stuff! And as we all know, trees are super important to fight against the climate change. Thanks for helping!

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