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Athleisure, Fitness & Beauty Box that delivers a stylist-picked outfit to your door every month!

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4.5 of 5 stars
by Colette written 5 days ago
It was ok , probably not something I would have bought
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Her Fit Club said...
5 days ago
Hi Colette, We are really sad to hear we didn't completely make you fall in love with your outfit this month! But don't worry at Her Fit Club we are 100% committed to making you happy & making you fall in love month after month with your outfits. Please send us an email to Support@Herfitclub.com & tell us what you didn't like about your outfit & we will replace it right away. We will put all your feedback into our database to make sure we don't repeat the same style or colors or whatever you disliked about your outfit In your future boxes. Thank you so much for your feedback this really helps us grow & become better at making you happy month after month.
Best Motivation, Awesome Box
by Brenda written Aug 03, 2018
The best box. If anything needs to be exchanged for size they work with you to exchange it and note it in your account on their end for your future boxes. They want to see you happy and will provide go above and beyond to do that and keep you. I loved the soap, jump rope and bands. I can't wait for my next box!
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by Gloria written Jul 14, 2018
I absolutely LOVED my Her Fit Club box!!! I’m a bit of a subscription box junkie and this, by far, was the best box I’ve ever received!! It surpassed my expectations. You definitely get MORE than what you pay for. My outfit was curated for me and met every single requirement. Plus, I’ve been searching for a fitness box that also includes workout gear and bath products and this one does! I started off with the premiere box to get a pair of shoes and switched to the Move box (my husband would go crazy if I got a new pair of shoes every month). Customer service is superb and I got same day responses! Absolutely loved it and can’t wait for the next one!
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by Melissa written Jun 23, 2018
I am very happy with the workout gear received, I can't wait for future boxes.
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by Jennifer written May 29, 2018
This box was amazing!! Everything was well worth the money. I was so shocked at how much came in the box! I will definitely be getting more boxes. Thank you so much, I love it ALL!
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Fine if you don't enjoy shopping...
by Natasha written May 22, 2018
The box was as described, but too many bath bombs (two in a row!! And while I did fill out the questionnaire, the items really weren't to my taste-bras in this last one weren't "sexy" and are a little ill fitting. I received two boxes and while I'm sure I'll use the items, they're not my favorite and I can probably do better myself.
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Her Fit Club said...
May 25, 2018
Hi Natasha, Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, at Her Fit Club we are dedicated to making all of our subscribers happy, our primary goal is to make you fall in love with each and every one of your Fitboxes & Outfits, if there is anything you won't love or wear we offer free, fast & easy returns, we are glad to hear everything was to your liking & that you will be wearing all of our Outfits. If you have any questions or concerns you can email us anytime at Support@Herfitclub.com and we will take care of all your Styling & beauty needs. We wish you a wonderful day. The Her Fit Club Team
by Alexandria written Apr 30, 2018
Great products and fast shipping
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The Best Fitness Subscription Box
by Lindsay written Apr 24, 2018
I spent a lot of time checking out different subscription boxes that offered fitness goodies. My new apartment has a nice gym included, so I figured a fitness subscription box would be a fun place to put the gym membership fee I wouldn't have to pay anymore. I ended up going with Her Fit Club and loved it. I received a few different boxes. I liked most of the items, and even loved a few! The only issue was when one of the bras I received had a strap come off the first time I wore it. I mentioned it in my feedback, just to let them know, and they were kind enough to send a replacement one just like it in my next box! The service is very receptive to any and all feedback. Plus I love getting the bath bombs in my box! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for some fun new additions to their workout wardrobe.
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by Kristen written Apr 21, 2018
My first box was absolutely full of awesome things! I'm very happy & will continue to maintain my subscription.
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by Katie written Mar 14, 2018
Loved the mauve pants. But I thought the quality of the black and pink pants were horrible. No movement. I could not workout in them. I’m also trying to figure out how I manage my account. I’ve been to the website so many times and can’t find it.
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Her Fit Club said...
Mar 14, 2018
Hi Katie, Thank you for your feedback we are happy to know you love your mauve pants & your two tops, we are really SAD to hear about the black pants that came in your Fitbox not being to your liking, we sent an email a few days back asking a little more feedback on your specific yoga pants needs so this will never happen in the future, but we never received a response back. We also wanted to let you know that we will never make you stay with something you don't completely LOVE, on this next Fitbox we sent an extra pair of yoga pants from a different brand with a different fit, that we believe will be more suited to your needs. Additionally, if there is anything in your Fitbox you don't completely Love, please just send the item back to us and we will be more than happy to exchange it for something you will completely love, based on your specific needs and colors. Our main priority at Her Fit Club is your happiness and satisfaction, we will always go the extra mile to make our subscribers happy & satisfied. If you have any question or concerns in the future just send us a quick email to support@herfitclub.com, and one of our support team members will be ready to answer right away to all your needs. One last thing to access your account since you signed up through the Cratejoy Marketplace you can only access your account and make your desired changes through Cratejoy.com, I hope this has helped clear all the misunderstandings. Thank you for being one of our valued subscribers your feedback and support helps us grow and become a perfect service dedicated to making our subscribers HAPPY!!
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