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Nice box

Jun 23, 2020
Juliana J.
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This is a super unique box! The packaging when it arrived was super neat and I liked that the box had a theme. I especially liked the candle with the book name on it! My only wish was that it came with more explanation on items (not sure what the jar marked landmarks is). Otherwise an awesome box!

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Pros/cons overall good

May 18, 2020
Ryan D.
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I just received the box today after ordering it last week so it came here very quickly.
- arrived quickly
- The book looks interesting and I liked that there was a candle that actually match the book in the box.
- I like the coffee that was included
- there was another candle in the box and I like that one as well.

I’m not sure if every month is going to be similar but I have chemical sensitivities and the first thing I noticed right open the box was an overwhelming smell of smoke. There was a burned letter inside and I could still smell the smokiness on it and I think a couple of the pieces had a smoky sort of scent.

Not so positives ( for me)
- the smokiness ( I had a migraine before opening)
- The feather pen- kind of creeped me out- not in the best way
- the twine detail was over done. It’s not May favorite texture

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A nice beginner subscription

Mar 30, 2020
Suzanne T.
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This is a nice little box, maybe a good beginning book subscription box. The book was a very pretty paperback of Wuthering Heights, and despite the claims that they books are gently used to keep costs down this copy looked practically new. The included items were nice enough but didn't seem to have much to do with the book selection itself. Shipping was quick and cheap.
My only real disappointment was the mug - it was just a clear mini mason jar with a handle. I doubt I will ever use it for anything.

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