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A Women's Wellness Care Package

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4.8 of 5 stars
by Jessica written Mar 21, 2018
This box is wonderful. The products help me connect to the goddess energy that supports me on my journey of self love and healing. I especially love the products that come in the box that are created by the Honey and Sage Co. which I believe is owned by two women friends. I was originally giving myself this as a three month gift to myself but I have decided to continue the subscription because of the wonderful quality and how much it supports me in staying in a higher vibration of loving energy.
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by Sheena written Mar 16, 2018
I was disappointed when I got this box.
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So wonderful!
by Kristin written Dec 19, 2017
I got several boxes and this was one of my favorites by far. The quality is exceptional and good sized product. I highly recommend it over some others that are similar. Just gorgeous
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Excellent customer service
by christina written Dec 09, 2017
I had an issue with my November order, and although the company is only run by two busy moms, the issue was resolved quickly. Great company, great product, will be subscribing again.
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An important aspect of life
by Tara written Nov 02, 2016
I love my monthly box 📦 filled with self care delivered straight to my door. The tea especially is a favorite of mine! Thanks for the love Honey & Sage. And for helping me channel my worth and projecting that into my role as a Mommy, wifey and a woman in the world.
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It's all about Love
by Brandi written Sep 11, 2016
Self Love is a difficult concept to grasp when you're a Woman, especially a Mom. Honey and Sage makes it easy to remember that WE ARE WORTHY. Each box is curated with love. So much love is transferred from these care packages into my soul every month and it's everything I need to better serve my family <3
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Holy Wellness, Ya'll
by Sarah written Sep 11, 2016
Women, we pour out daily. We care for our children, our partners, our friends. So often, we forget to take care of ourselves, From the start, this company has been so beautifully curating its contents that are somehow always EXACTLY what I need in that moment to take care of ME. There's always a perfect personal touch, always something I never knew I couldn't live without. I am so very grateful for Nova and her magical ability to remind me every month to take time for myself. This box feeds my mindfulness, nurtures my spirituality, and grows my self awareness. )0(
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by Amanda written May 06, 2016
I love this box! Each one is packed with love and thought about the women receiving it. I have looked at a lot of subscription boxes, this is by far my favorite.
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