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Discover real honey and its endless variety!

A great gift for foodies and more! Feel good about this once a month delivery of THREE raw honeys from family-owned & operated bee farms across the USA. We comb the country for the best raw honeys, straight from the hive, so that you can enjoy raw honey's range of flavors & textures, all while supporting sustainable beekeeping and family farms.
  • Perfect gift for everyone – foodies, sweet-tooth friends, healthy eaters, grandparents, coworkers, etc.
  • Taste REAL raw honey. You'll never go back to store-bought, heavily processed, runny "honey" again!
  • Support family-owned & operated businesses.
  • Support sustainable beekeeping. #SaveTheBees

Sneak Peek

Photo of Monthly Raw Honey Box current box Box #1

Box #1

This is the first box subscribers receive. It features three raw honeys from family-owned & operated apiaries across the USA that pair well with just about everything. The box contains an informational leaflet about the three raw honey varieties with details about the beekeepers who helped bring them to your door.

Order by December 29th to get this box!

Customer Questions (6)


Q: Is honey sourced only from the US, or does the subscription include international honey as well? Only asking as I recently tried a phenomenal honey from Uruguay, and would love to try others!Asked by Alex A., October 2022

Honeycomber Club answered...October 2022

Thank you for your question! Our raw honey is only sourced from the US to maintain quality standards and support small farms and businesses across the USA.


Q: What is the size of each jar? How many ounces?Asked by Joan R., November 2021

Honeycomber Club answered...November 2021

Hi Joan, Thanks for your question!
Each jar holds 3 fluid ounces of raw honey.


Q: What is your cutoff purchase date for the holidays? If I purchase this as a Christmas gift, when will the first and second monthly shipments arrive?Asked by Emily O., October 2021

Honeycomber Club answered...October 2021

β€’ Purchase on or before 12/17/2021 for USPS Priority Mail delivery by Christmas.* πŸŽ„
β€’ For purchases after the 17th, we will try our best to ship ASAP, but we cannot promise a delivery date given holiday shipping delays with USPS.
β€’ If your HoneyComber Club gift includes a second month, we will ship the second box of honey between 2/1/2022 and 2/12/2022 to give your gift recipient more time to enjoy their first box of honey.


Q: What subscription options do you offer? Asked by Emily O., October 2021

Honeycomber Club answered...October 2021

For our monthly subscription, you can pay on a month-to-month basis, or you can pre-pay for 3, 6, or 12 months. TIP: pre-paid options reduce the monthly cost of a subscription!
You can also purchase a bi-monthly (delivers every other month) or quarterly (delivers every three months) subscription. To find those options, either scroll to the bottom of this page: "More from HoneyComber Club" or search "HoneyComber Club" in the Cratejoy search at the top of the page.

Reviews (26)

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Best honey you will ever try

Dec 21, 2022
Verified Purchase
Jenn L.
5 Reviews
1 Picture
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 6 months

This is the absolutely the best honey I have ever had. I love honey for it’s natural healing and eat a lot of it. Money got tight so I had to cancel my subscription. Have a little to spare this holiday and the gift I want is another honey box. Can’t wait for it to be back in stock!

GREAT GIFT, for yourself, too!

Jun 29, 2022
Verified Purchase
Tammy M.
1 Review
Subscribed for 6 months

LOVE LOVE LOVE this honey delivery!! We get different "flavored" honey each shipment! It's crazy, cuz when you do taste each one, right after the other, you really can taste the difference in the "flower" and location. ZERO complaints...ok, except that the carbs in my biscuits to go with these honeys is killing me!
If you have a honey lover, this is a fantastic gift to give!!

Great honey

Apr 11, 2022
Verified Purchase
Kristin R.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 month

This was a really fun box. We got to try 3 small batch honeys. They were all excellent but so different. We liked the information card that told us about each honey.

Covers are childproof covers

Feb 11, 2022
Verified Purchase
Estrella F.
1 Review
Subscribed for 17 days

I received my package but the only downfall is that the covers aren't easy to open especially for some who suffers greatly with fibromyalgia and rhuematoid arthritis. You have to push a down and twist but I don't see this in the description. They were extremely hard to open but after finally opening them I got to try them and they are pretty good I may renew. But not at this time

Honeycomber Club said...Feb 12, 2022

I'm so sorry the lids have given you difficulty. We switched to new jars recently due to supply chain issues, and I have not yet updated the description. Thank you for this suggestion!


Jan 02, 2022
Verified Purchase
Dawn A.
10 Reviews
8 Helpful
Subscribed for 23 days

These honey's are the most delicious honey's I've ever eaten. They are so fresh and so creamy. THANK YOU, for a wonderful honey experience.

Excellent honey

Dec 17, 2021
Verified Purchase
Irina B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 15 days

The package arrived in perfect condition and the three sorts of honey were delicious! Will reorder

Well packaged

Nov 05, 2021
Verified Purchase
Julie F.
4 Reviews
Subscribed for 7 months

Each month I make biscuits and the whole family sits together to have taste tests. We like to decide which we like best. It is a fun way to connect with my teenagers. And I love the wax seal on the inside paper. πŸ˜„

What wonderful honey s!!!

Oct 11, 2021
Verified Purchase
Joy R.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 14 days

Love love the products! Very soothe to the throat and body. The honey’s so messy on application- spills over - all on the box. Perhaps a glass jar would be better but will probably purchase the honeys on going

Would definitely recommend this box all!

Aug 11, 2021
Verified Purchase
Crystal B.
3 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 11 days

Let me just begin by saying there's not enough words to describe all of the good things about this box from the way it's packaged to The Taste to the personalization I really enjoyed the fact that my boyfriend had a handwritten letter to him from honeycombers welcoming him to the club. All three of the first Honey's that he received he absolutely loved I'm not a big honey eater but I too enjoyed the flavors. Looking forward to the next box keep up the good work.

Honeycomber Club said...Aug 24, 2021

Hey Crystal,
Thanks so much for your sweet review! We're SO happy to hear that you guys are enjoying your HoneyComber Club subscription.

If you like honey this is a must try

Jul 23, 2021
Verified Purchase
3 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 month

Absolutely love this box. This is our second box and we have received 6 honeys so far from all over the U.S. I won't say the flavors because that kinda ruins the surprise but my fiance a honey connoisseur (in his mind at least) cannot wait for our next box. It comes with info on the bee farm collected from, flavors, and even recipes to try from them.

Honeycomber Club said...Aug 24, 2021

Hey Ashley!
So glad you guys are enjoying your HoneyComber Club subscription. We love our fellow honey connoisseurs!

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