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Terrific! Both exciting & useful items
by Lori written today
This is one of my fav subs, which is crazy, since it started out a little bumpy. The first box I was sent, I was disappointed in the products receive, and canceled. I left a 3* review, which was promptly responded to, both here and privately. HTBAR then sent me the following months box free of charge. Their CS is top notch, some of the best I’ve ever received. I’ve since gotten 3 more of the boxes, full of wonderful things! I’ll continue to happily purchase this sub.
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by Susan written 5 days ago
I am a 48 year old Natural redhead. I just subscribed and I haven't even received my first box. I am really taken back at the people who can never be satisfied about anything. I subscribe to a few beauty subscriptions and they all have them. What the majority call the whiners. If someone isn't happy with the box, simply unsubscribe. I even noticed one person state so far, that they didn't know it was a renewal. It clearly states so. Anyone who missed that, simply just ordered really quick without reading anything. Its not in fine print. Come on people. I am looking foward to getting my first box. Anyone who subscribes to a beauty box of any kind, needs not be such a picky person. If you are, you probably need to go out and do your own shopping. Thanks again for creating a beauty box aimed towards Redheads.
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Really impressed
by Chasity written 2 months ago
Just started my subscription with February with a discount code. Free 2 day ship is included. It was around $16. I have had my share of box subscriptions but so far I am impressed with the curation and value. I am a natural ginger from a line of redheads. This box is great for anyone really, but especially for pale, sensitive skinned people. At least three full-sized products. They even threw in a freebie for the box shipping delay. I got it on the 7th. I find the billing pretty straight forward. It's on the website and in the disclaimer or "fine print". As always, read up before giving your info out. Kudos to H2BAR. New favorite.
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Shady renewing of subscriptions
by Lauryl written 2 months ago
I did not realize that this was going to auto renew. If I had, I would not have ordered it in the first place. As soon as I got the email they were renewing my subscription, I emailed and logged in to cancel. However, they say you have to cancel a significant time before for it to be cancelled and not to charge you. Why don't they send out an earlier email so only the people that want to continue to receive their product renews? If I subscribe in the future to anything, I will only do it with upfront cancel anytime option. Their products are okay and may have renewed in the future, but won't now.
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How To Be A Redhead said...
2 months ago
Hello! We were happy to respond to your email immediately. When subscribing, you receive multiple emails from us letting you know it will auto-renew and when. All subscription boxes auto renew — much like a gym membership :) but, we always say our Redhead subscribers can cancel at anytime! We also let you know what date you need to cancel by for a full refund. As soon as you cancelled, your last box was slotted for send out. We sure do hope to have you back! Have a wonderful day!
Not happy
by Lindley written 3 months ago
Read the small print. Billing practices are clear in the very small print, but deceiving on the outside. I am not happy with how they "resolved" things and do not recommend them for their business practices. It took days to get a response on the double billing, and even then, things were not resolved to my satisfaction.
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How To Be A Redhead said...
3 months ago
Lindley, It was great to talk to you on the phone yesterday. As soon as you emailed us on Friday to call you, we reached out. We missed you, so we made another time to speak on Monday (yesterday). We did so. You had purchased 2 subscriptions from October through December; the October subscription renewing in December and both subscriptions renewing in January. As soon as we spoke to you, we cancelled your subscriptions and *refunded you for the extra box. We are so sorry we could not refund you for the boxes you already received — if it had been December or November, we would have gladly given you a full refund. We sent multiple emails (which you confirmed you received) upon sign up. It confirmed you will renew and when. Nothing is in tiny print. We also have a full T&C section on the website. And, as you know, we can always call & speak with us! Wishing you a wonderful New Year & we are so sorry you were unhappy. We did the very best refund we could with February approaching!
by Patricia written 3 months ago
I am very happy so far. Great products, always the correct sade ( which is difficult to find sometimes!) And not expensive at all
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Always great stuff
by Carra written 3 months ago
I love the How to be a Redhead box's variety of skin care, hair care and cosmetics every month. Good value for money and it has helped keep my ginger locks and fair skin healthier for sure!
Bed Head shampoo is my new favorite.
by Stephanie written 3 months ago
I've been happy with all the items in my H2BAR boxes. I have found many new products that I might not have even tried before. The colors are always the right shade! The Bed Head shampoo/conditioner are my new favorites. Why only four stars? My Bed Head shampoo lid/pump was broken and some of the shampoo spilled inside the box. I was able to wipe everything off so no harm there, but I have to remove the lid/pump and pour it out when I use it instead of pump it. It works, but is a little awkward.
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by Sarah written 3 months ago
Really impressed with this crate! Large variety of samples and full size product. It is definitely worth the price. I truly feel it is the most bang for your buck crate I have received. I would highly recommend it.
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Paul Mitchell box
by Rachel written 5 months ago
I don't see the connection between how to be a redhead and Paul Mitchell. I am a feisty redhead and the last box was a huge disappointment. I am glad the brand supports anti-bullying, but Paul Mitchell isn't the only brand who makes products for us redhead gals. Anyway I cancelled my subscription.
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