H2BAR Monthly Beauty Box

H2BAR Monthly Beauty Box

by How To Be A Redhead
'Redhead Friendly' approved products delivered right to your doorstep every month!

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Once was enough !

Jun 08, 2019
Jean B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 8 months

I ordered a 3- month subscription for my daughter as a gift It came to our house so I was able to see it first hand. There were some nice products ,some were full size.
There were also repeats in every month.Be careful when it comes to canceling your
subscription, they don't want to let you go !

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Into my donation box we go!

Nov 03, 2017
Lori W.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 3 months

I really don't understand how a box with a few Paul Mitchell products has anything to do with being a redhead. I was hoping for products specifically to do with having red hair, and maybe something for my very fair skin. Oh well, one and done.

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How To Be A Redhead said...Nov 03, 2017

Hi Lori, This is the only box that has been taken over by a company in 2017 — most of the time the box is full of different caterogies for red hair. We encourage you to check out our H2BAR Box Instagram to see what we feature each month: www.instagram.com/h2barbox We would also encourage you to use the Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear line. Adrienne & Stephanie wanted to feature the line for a reason! First and foremost, Paul Mitchell was a sponsor for the “How to be a Redhead” book tour because the brand itself donates a lot of their marketing dollars to end bullying — which is why they were our partner for the 2016 November box too, but for a different PM line. Second,...

Going downhill fast

Mar 20, 2017
Bonnie M.
8 Reviews
Subscribed for 4 months

I just received my 3rd box of my subscription - March 2017. The first box was great. The second was pretty good. Unlike the first, I didn't love everything in there, but I'm okay with that. the point is to try things, and the value was still there. This last one, come on. A shampoo and conditioner sample in packets? Packets are freebies and bonuses, not the actual items in a paid box. I have long thick hair and those packets aren't even a single use for me. I need at least an ounce of shampoo and 2-3 oz of conditioner for a single use. I also didn't get the skin serum on the card - I just got shorted an item I was going to contact customer service about it, but after reading these reviews, do I really want to make this kind of effort for a tiny sample? Or maybe the deodorant packets are a sub? Since this is the first one that was just poor, I will probably stay two more months to see if there's any improvement and this one was just a blip. And there was a nice lip color in that box, like all the ones I have received so far. But if you're reading, H2BAR, step it up a little. For $19/month, I don't want to see packets unless they are just bonuses. We don't want to feel we are breaking even - we want to feel we are getting something we couldn't...

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Aug 05, 2016
Katalina V.
1 Review

Felt the products were to cheap - easily found. Nothing ah ha...new. Not happy with box. Please cancel subscription.