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Mar 26, 2020
Roxanne J.
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I was charged twice (Feb. 1st and Feb. 15th) but only received one box. My daughter cannot wear cheap metal, she had an allergic reaction, this box contained metal earrings, etc. which she cannot wear. We just weren't impressed with the box either so I canceled right after receiving the first box. I was charged twice, so I should have received two boxes but a March box never shipped. I never received an email stating there were delays or anything. UPDATE: Seller reached out to us very quickly and shipped the second box right away. My daughter was very pleased with the second box.

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IBBEAUTIFUL said...Mar 26, 2020

Hi Roxanne,
Let’s address the billing issue first. Our cut off each month is the 15th of the month and then for all orders received prior to that date we ship the boxes out around the 23rd of each month. For new subscribers we don’t like to make you wait for that first box so we send it out sooner than that which is what we did in your case. Your billing then reverts to our monthly bill date of the 15th which was your second charge. That charge will be for the March box which is shipping now. We would never charge you more times that boxes we send to you.
In regards to the jewelry inside the box due to...

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