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by Tracey written Dec 08, 2018
I have waited over a week just to receive a email saying in process. I need before Christmas. Annoyed RN
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iFlies said...
6 days ago
Dear Tracey, We are sorry to hear you are annoyed. We send all subscription boxes on the 12th of each month so it should be with you within a few days of that, well before Christmas. I am sorry if this wasn’t made obvious on our page but hope this clears things up! Enjoy the box!
My favourite delivery of the mont
by Freddie written Nov 28, 2018
Subscribed to the 10 trout flies box. I absolutely love receiving my iFlies tin every month. The flies are always well selected, beautifully made and the presentation in the signature iFlies tin is super cool. Straight in the fishing bag it goes!! It's also really handy that it fits through my letterbox. Have changed address a couple of times, and the team have been very accommodating with making sure I still get my flies. Thank you guys!
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by Emily written Sep 28, 2018
Ordered July 16th and still have yet to see it come in the mail! Today is the 27th of September!!!
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Great gift
by Davis written Apr 09, 2018
Purchased as a gift for my dad (12 mo) and he loves it. Thanks!
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wonderful hand-made flies
by Paul written Apr 08, 2018
Having some tips for how to use the flies would be cool, for example, the best way to retrieve the bloodworm and some interesting techniques to improve the fishing experience. Love my iflies delivery every month, I've had loads of sucess with the trout flies, keep up the good work!
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I’m hooked
by Richard written Apr 07, 2018
Use iflie for over a year now and I’m hooked on the concept ! Great value and top customer service too. Bought a tenkara rod from them too. Just wish they’d sell “ time off” too!
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Very nice flies well presented
by Andy written Apr 07, 2018
Good flies at a good price
Best bow either, just perfect.
by AlexZdrojewski written Dec 02, 2017
the best box either. nice flies and the lanyards is just perfect. Flat box is perfect nymphs. I want another !!! Alex from France
Awesome for everyone!
by SCOTT written Nov 14, 2017
The November box is absolutely awesome! Well and truly worth the money!! Got the signature box and was amazed by what I received! Love it and will definitely be subscribing for next month!! Thanks guys!
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Great Flies + Quality
by AndrewPearson written Oct 30, 2017
Great selection of flies in a rad reusable tin! Ive used these for trout and warm water with success. All the flies have held up extremely well too. Great value and quality!
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