Ignite Spirit Monthly Candle Club

Ignite Spirit Monthly Candle Club

by Spirit Trading Company
Lift Your Spirit each month with our Ignite Spirit Candle Club monthly subscription.

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October box arrived broken...

Oct 26, 2018
Andrew S.
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Ok.. I reviewed this earlier, and gave it two stars... i have since heard back from them, and think I need to change it too one star. Can't put my finger on it, my box was broken because it was pretty darn obvious there was a lack of packing material... my candle bounced around and broke the skull... etc. Well... they want photos... I can understand that, but they want to file a claim and then send me replacements?? I don't know for some reason that really annoys me... they screwed up, and because of it, what I paid for was unusable due to their negligence... yet once I jump through hoops for them, and they collect the insurance then I get my stuff.... no... way too much trouble for cheap Chinese junk! I should get my money back, all of it!

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Spirit Trading Company said...Oct 29, 2018

We’re sorry you had any issue with shipping, as mentioned via our email sent quickly after receiving your note, we want to replace those items that were broken for you. We NEVER stated we needed to wait for the insurance claim, we actually reiterated we wanted to send replacements “right away” and shared that it was important to us to make it right for you! We did ask for photos as they are required for our insurance claim for you or anyone when any items are damaged during shipping. Items were double boxed, bubble wrapped, and included wood curl shavings so we can’t be sure what happened in shipping once it left our hands. As far as the origin of the skull, actually, it is...

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