I'm The Chef Too! Educational Cooking Kits | Blending Food, STEM & the Arts into Educational Fun!

by I'm The Chef Too!
Educational Cooking Kits for Kids | Blending Food, STEM, and the Arts Into Educational Fun!
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I'm The Chef Too! Educational Cooking Kits

Get ready to embark on an edible adventure with I’m The Chef Too! that allows children to discover, inspire, question, create, and invent all through the world of cooking! Each surprise adventure includes 1 educational recipe, 1 STEAM activity, dry ingredients, & specialty supplies. Kids can bake and craft their way through their favorite topics!

  • Adventures blend food, STEM, and the arts into education fun! Great for ages 4-14!
  • Award winning adventures delivered to your door each month. Themes include Geology, Oceanography, Chemistry, Meteorology, Astronomy, Art, Science, Zoology and more!
  • Screen free educational recipes and activities developed by mothers, educators, and approved by kids!
  • Adventures include whipping up galaxy donuts as you learn about outer space, erupting volcano cakes as you discover chemical reactions, building edible dinosaur terrrariums as you learn about your favorite species, designing cupcake geodes while exploring geology & so much more!
  • Includes everything you need to bake and craft your way through each adventure! ie. 1 recipe card, 1 STEAM activity, pre measured dry ingredients, specialty supplies and more!

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Photo of I'm The Chef Too!  Educational Cooking Kits | Blending Food, STEM & the Arts into Educational Fun! current box February Candy Bar Lab

February Candy Bar Lab

Grab your beaker and safety goggles and get ready to concoct your very own chocolate candy bar for Valentines Day! Experience the science of how chocolate is made from the cacao tree and then blended together to form delicious creations! Then its off to the lab to make your own candy bar by picking chocolate flavors and topping it off with a variety of candy! Add your artistic touch by decorating your own candy wrapper to show off and display!

Order by January 31st to get this box!

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Highly recommend!

Jul 02, 2021
Scott W.
1 Review

Highly recommend! Educational, delicious and FUN! Can’t wait for the next kit!

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