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by Sunnie Press
Sunnie Press is a map subscription for kids. Fun, imaginative and screen-free,
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Every month the map will take your child to a new place, real and imaginary, that your child can explore and learn. Yes, learn!! Unfolded, the maps are a whopping 20" x 26" and will include coloring, roads to be explored, multiple activities and a monthly checklist to spread a little sunshine!

  • Why Sunnie Press?
  • Because some days you can’t come up with one. more. activity.
  • Because you want less screen time for your kids.
  • Because the only good mail is fun mail!
  • Because watching your kids use their imagination is watching them grow.

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Q: What is the target age? Thanks!Asked by Robin S., April 2020

Not sure what their target age is but my five year old happily spent a couple of days with it.

by Jodi C., April 2020

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Just right!

Apr 21, 2020
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Jodi C.
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Subscribed for 3 months

The price is right for these maps. They're hand-drawn and cute! Plenty of little activity suggestions on the back. Kept our five year old engaged for a couple of days, off and on.

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