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4.4 of 5 stars
by Kelly written last month
Just received my first shipment so I can't review the actual books but they look interesting. Looking forward to more.
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Can't live without this subscription!
by Kristen written 6 months ago
I'm a huge reader and I read several books each month. This is my favorite book subscription that I've found. Each book is autographed and completely unique! I've discovered new authors that I've never heard of before and they have quickly become fast favorites. I really like that this subscription has a reader group on Goodreads too. (I've also used this group to pick up some of the books from the box from before I started my subscription!) If you are a heavy reader, this box is a must!
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by Meredith written 7 months ago
I think the review by Mary below is hilarious! How can you not know what you are getting with this box? Anyhow - this is my favorite box ever! Each month I get a great set of two autographed books and a bomb bookmark. I've been introduced to some favorite new authors in my traditional genres as well as some genres that I wouldn't usually pick but now adore. IBC also has a reader group on Goodreads so you can read along with some fun new people. The cost savings alone is worth the subscription. Each box saves you about $10 off retail price of the two books - not counting any premiums for getting an autographed copy or bookmark. I used to subscribe to a lot of the other boxes until I found out that Epic Reads, etc. are owned by the publishers so you are just paying an additional mark up for the same books you would buy in Barnes and Noble. Shop smart!
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not great
by mary written 8 months ago
Independent author reads so much better than self published and printed. So totally on me I thought these would be unusual finds but the two books we just not good and they read as YA to me so if you are expecting novels this is not it .
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Great start
by Maya written 10 months ago
I'm not going to review books here because I still have not read any of them BUT I do want to say that I'm really happy with the picks, I've never heard of the authors and the books are the perfect mix of the kinds of books I like to read, plus I loved getting information on the authors and where I can find them.
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Just LOVE!
by Ashley written last year
I'm a heavy reader but a PICKY reader! I want to read the next big thing all the time. That is what it is like with Indie Book Connect. These books are so good! You never know if you will get romance (not smut) or sci-fi but everything always catches my attention and that is not an easy feat. Plus the books are ALWAYS autographed and I love the bookmarks! It's so fun!
My favorite box!
by Claire written last year
I've been subscribing to book boxes since Harlequin would send out boxes each month back when I was a teenager. This is amazing!!!! Definitely the best book subscription I've ever received! It's a must for any reader!
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