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4.4 of 5 stars
Better than I thought!
by Janis written Sep 24, 2018
I've heard mixed reviews about the company so I wasn't sure what to expect. I did find that there wasn't a great deal to choose from when my selections were sent. Lots of tassels and not quite enough plain bags but I'm happy with the bag I got and it looks even better in person than in the pictures. The bag came well packaged and it's nice and roomy inside. There is also a zippered section on the back of the bag. Because of the limited selection, I'm not sure if I'll get one every month but what I got this time suits my needs.
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It's fun for a while
by Dianna written Jul 02, 2018
I was a subscriber really more when they started out- but I got a few bags from them and it was quite fun. Ultimately though the bags seemed to be limited in style and design, and while there were a few REALLY cute ones, many just weren't my taste or style. Ultimately I think it's worth at least trying if you're not someone who needs name brands- some of them are I guess, but they were never any brand I'd ever heard of and I've got a walk in closet full of handbags, lol. I didn't at all dislike this subscription, and I do still use the bags they sent. they do seem to be quality bags that have held up well. The presentation was lovely and the company was responsive when I contacted them about anything. I can only have so many subscriptions for different things and eventually this one ended up on my chopping block. I'd probably try it again for a couple of months in the future.
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Bad selection, unknown brands
by Sandy written Feb 13, 2018
When I signed up for ivory clasp a few months ago I was so excited. Now my excitement has turned to frustration. I have written two emails concerning poor selection of handbags. And now that they let you pick your bag I see that they only offer the same bags over and over again every month, only adding a few new additional bags per month. Most bags if you research them are offered below the $49.99 per month fee at ivory clasp. The email response I received today basically said I should pretty much cancel because they aren’t going to be getting any new brands or bags in because they aren’t allowed to sell those particular brands. So even though they do a style quiz and ask you what brands you want, it’s kind of a lie because they honestly don’t carry them. Just keep this information in mind if you’re thinking of subscribing.
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by Giselle written Jan 03, 2018
I love my Ivory Clasp, especially now that I can choose my bag! My fourth bag is on the way and I cannot wait. Four stars because I wish they had a wider variety of brands, but I have a feeling that's coming soon. Every bag I've gotten has been fantastic and I get compliments all the time. Totally worth it!
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Great company!!
by Rachel written Dec 29, 2017
Ok, I got my first bag today. It’s a little smaller than i usually use but it’s a GREAT quality and it’s cute enough that I can consolidate and rock it! I’m on the quarterly plan. Here is something subscribers need to know. They ship USPS parcel select and they should, it’s low cost and keeps our sub costs low. However, parcel select averages 8-10 business days and can take up to 14 business days and longer so when they mark it shipped, it’s probably going to take some time. ITS WORTH IT! Now that I know this, I won’t be chomping at the bit, stalking the tracking. I can’t wait til March! - also, friendly & responsive customer service. Thanks!
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Great sub!
by Jess written Dec 20, 2017
Just received my first box and I absolutely love it. The purse pushes me just a little bit out of my normal tendencies, which I absolutely love. It’s the reason I tried this sub out. It’s a quality bag and it came very carefully packaged. They also included a storage bag. I also love that they offer a quarterly option, as well. Definitely recommend!
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Wonderful purse
by Deborah written Nov 21, 2017
When my purse arrived it was more than I thought I would have. The construction was wonderful and it came in a bag to store it. My mom came in about the same time I opened my packaget and she claimed it before I even got to show it off! She said she would be back next month for the next one. Wonderful and can't wait to see whats next!
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Great choice
by Beverly written Nov 01, 2017
I love every bag choice. I do like a mix bag of styles.
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Received broken bag
by Britnee written Oct 05, 2017
I purchased a gift subscription for my friend who was excited to receive a new purse. When she opened it, she found the zipper was broken. She promptly contacted them and sent it back. They have now returned the purse back to her because of incorrect postage on a return label they sent her. We want our money back.
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Great choice
by Beverly written Jun 09, 2017
Brown hand and shoulder bag. Great size for everyday.
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