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A deal “for life” that wasn’t honored!

Sep 05, 2019
Trisha C.
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Subscribed for 2 years

I first signed up for Ivory Clasp over two years ago. I loved my first three purses and life was good. Then, every month kept giving me the same ugly options with tassels, which I hate. Still, Ivory Clasp sent me an email saying that if I continued with them, I could pay just $29 a purse for life. Well, of course, that hooked me. Every other renewal, I’d be charged $49 and have to contact the company who would give me a $20 credit. The third time this happened, I got an email saying my subscription was cancelled because they couldn’t honor $29 a month since they wouldn’t make enough money. I am SO SO SO disappointed. To say a deal was “for life” and cancel it within two years is very cheesy. As far as I know, I’m still alive.

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Ivory Clasp said...Sep 05, 2019

Hi Trisha - we experienced a 200% increase in our shipping costs that necessitated the end of that promotion. We have to avoid bankruptcy.


Not what you think!!!!!!!

Mar 11, 2019
Janea' C.
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This company is my worst online shopping experience nightmare!!!! Upon first look, you will see nice bags being offered on their Facebook page and you will have high hopes on quality name brand fashion from this company. I took the style quiz and explained my preferences then paid $50 to receive my first box. I received an email with a link included for me to choose the bag I want. The bags are all CHEAP WHOLESALE bags. THESE BAGS WILL HAVE A NAME PLATE ON IT THAT YOU NEVER HEARD OF YET THEY WILL ADVERTISE THEY ARE NAME BRAND AND NOT KNOCK OFFS. THE LIES THEY TELL!!! No beautiful quality as what they advised "customers" receiving on Facebook. YOUR GRANDMA WILL STOP TALKING TO YOU IF YOU BROUGHT HER ONE OF THESE BAGS! Even when scrolling through the list of bags to choose from, there is ONLY ONE BLURRY PICTURE of each bag which makes difficult to see what you are really getting. I could go on but the character count on this review doesn't allow me. LONG STORY SHORT: Customer service is RUDE and will IGNORE your emails. They WILL NOT issue you a refund. The bags are UNATTRACTIVE and are of POOR quality. The "stylist" they claim they have did not listen to my request in the "style quiz. If anything, I was offered bags of styles I CLEARY STATED I DID NOT WANT. The packaging is VERY POOR. The bag comes in one thin...

Ivory Clasp said...Mar 11, 2019

Hi Janea,

We are sorry you did not understand the mechanics of our subscription. We are a monthly service and our inventory is constantly changing. If we were to allow customers to see options *prior* to renewal, it would introduce too much variance in optionality and would fundamentally change the unit economics of our (small) business.

We hope you'll give us a chance in the future!
-Team Ivory Clasp


Received broken bag

Jun 15, 2018
Britnee L.
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Subscribed for 30 days

I purchased a gift subscription for my friend who was excited to receive a new purse. When she opened it, she found the zipper was broken. She promptly contacted them and sent it back. They have now returned the purse back to her because of incorrect postage on a return label they sent her.

We want our money back.

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