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Truffles, bonbons and artisan chocolates delivered to your door every month.

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4.4 of 5 stars
by Linda written today
Such a tasty and welcome treat each month. I got the smallest box since it's for myself and I was pretty sure I'd share very little of it so, but wow, I am regretting that and considering ordering the next size up. The chocolates are unique and so yummy! I thought I would slowly enjoy them over the month, but nope. I end up eating it all within a few days and that's stretching it. Highly recommend ! Excellent quality, variety and taste and it's so nice to receive such a sweet gift each month. Go ahead and treat yourself! The only thing that would be helpful is a listing of the type of chocolates received so that if you wanted to order more, you know what you just tasted.
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love this
by Michelle written 8 days ago
had to leave a good review here. i ordered this as a gift subscription for my mom and she loves getting it and looks forward to it every month. i may end up renewing for her she loves it.
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Very nice
by Sarah written 27 days ago
This was a gift and the little note they included was much cuter than I would have thought. Everything was wrapped nicely and securely. I was quite impressed.
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by Chelsea written last month
The chocolate was delicious and arrived in perfect condition.
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Nice Chocolates
by Kara written 2 months ago
I love that they take the time to ask if you prefer chocolates with nuts or without, as I do have a nut allergy. I just received my first month's box (A Little Taste), and it was very good! I'm looking forward to next month's box. 🖤
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by Kylie written 2 months ago
These chocolates are simply luxurious! Absolutely delicious & not to mention meat in your mouth! I even enjoyed be dark chocolate flavors! The first box of chocolate that actually had a blueberry milk chocolate! This box was so unique & nothing like any chocolate I’ve tasted... For only $10, this box was a slam dunk & I would reccomend to EVERYONE!
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Not worth it
by Audrey written 2 months ago
If I spend $40 on chocolate I expect to have a variety not a lb of only 5 different kinds. Do not recommend.
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Jackie's Chocolate said...
2 months ago
Thank you for your order. Feedback from our customers asks us to have multiple pieces of the same chocolate in our "Enough to Share" box since the intention is to share the chocolates with an office or family. Please feel free to reach out to us at hello@jackieschocolate.com if you ever have an issue with your order. :)
Good tasting but too expensive
by Liz written 2 months ago
tasted a few pieces from the 1lb box I ordered. I wish they had the description and names of the flavors on a sheet of paper with the photos. There was one I really liked but don't know what was in it. The toffee was good too. The value was not there though. I expected more for $39.95 The candies were knocked around while shipping. Some pieces arrived dented and paper cups crumpled around them. Not enough cushion in the box around the chocolates.
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by Liz written 2 months ago
The chocolates I receive were delicious. Not a bad piece in the box. I especially enjoyed the toffee. The packaging itself was very nice I loved the shredded colored paper and the card it was a nice touch. The chocolates were placed in a gold box with a rubber ribbon around it however the chocolates in the box were a little sloppy. Each piece was placed in a paper cup but with shipping they moved around and the papers crumpled around some of the chocolates leaving a not so pretty presentation compared to the outer packaging.
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Jackie to the rescue!
by Kevin written 3 months ago
This review is long overdue. I was looking for a gift to send to friends and family that helped us with our wedding. It’s tough finding something that everyone likes and doesn’t break the bank. Boy am I glad I found Jackie’s! The chocolate was a big hit. It was a great way for us to show our appreciation. I even bought a box, well, a few boxes for ourselves. I love how you can buy a box of just one flavor on their website. Their subscription is a great way to try new flavors - we never saw the same chocolate twice. We must have tried over 60 chocolates so far! And I love the little stories about Jackie’s life. Thanks Jackie!
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