Jackie's Chocolate
Truffles, bonbons and delicious chocolates delivered to your door every month.

$9.95+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.6 of 5 stars
Excellent gift
by Lauren written 5 days ago
My grandmother loved them!
Great Gift
by kevin written 5 days ago
I sent these chocolates as a gift to my mentor. They were thrilled with them and ended up ordering some of their own. Thanks!
Not Worth It
by Kole written 6 days ago
The chocolate was a huge let down as it was worse than a cheap chocolate box at a grocery store. The first one I bit into was harder than a brick as it was a large cube of what I believe to be burnt toffee. I also ordered a box of truffles and those were just average again a cheap box at a grocery store would be better. I could not tell what the flavor was supposed to be with the truffles and they were not the same quality of "gourmet" chocolates I have had from other companies. I ate a couple of them and just went to the grocery store and got something that was more appetizing.
by Wanda written last year
I guess compared to other chocolate companies Like sees candies or Bernard calibout, Jackie’s was a big let down
Good chocolates, lots of variety
by Andy written last year
I wanted to get a little more adventurous with my chocolates (it was mostly just Hershey's kisses that I ate) so I figured this subscription box would be the way to go. It definitely met my expectations - the chocolates are really good and they send a variety in each box, so I get to sample a lot of different types. I liked the brittle so much I ended up buying half a pound later. Sometimes I don't like a particular chocolate, like one with coconut in it, but that's just because I don't like coconut. I'm sure the chocolate itself was great. I also liked the idea of getting chocolate delivered to me monthly, it helps me pace myself so I'm not tempted to buy too much at the store. Overall, I would recommend this box as a gift to yourself or someone else. It's a nice treat to receive in the mail and there's a little mystery involved since you don't know which chocolates will surprise you this month.
A gift
by Nichole written last year
I ordered this for my mom for 3 months. That way it would cover mother's Day & her birthday. She loves it so far!
by Laura written last year
I enjoyed the chocolates. They were delicious.
My new favorite chocolates
by David written last year
Ordered these chocolates as a gift for my mother-in-law. They were a huge hit! She loved the creamy caramels and chewy nuts!
by Mark written last year
This may be my new favorite chocolate. So glad I gave them a try. Delicious, creamy fillings. Love that they don't add preservatives. Can't wait for my next box!
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