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Truffles, bonbons and artisan chocolates delivered to your door every month.

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I’m happy
by Laura written today
JC is a little pricey, but it’s about what you’d pay at a chocolate counter at the mall or a boardwalk. The quality of chocolate stands out. There’s no chemical aftertaste like the chocolate at the grocery store. The flavors are varied and rich. Overall I’m very happy with this box.
by Isaac written 6 days ago
I was impressed with the quality of the dark chocolate I received. Price was fair, especially considering that they ship 2-day across the country.
Truffles can easily sit on a nickle
by Amy written Oct 01, 2018
Don't expect much. They are the size of a Hershey kiss... and it's VERY hard to even differentiate different tastes in them. The only one I've liked so far was one that was white chocolate and coconut. The rest have the same flavor for all of them that I've tried. The 'cherry cordial' was only identifiable by its shape... not its flavor. It's a bad sign when the box its self is less than an inch tall, including multiple layers of packing materal. Expect LITTLE chocolates with a big price tag.
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Jackie's Chocolate said...
Oct 02, 2018
Thank you for your order. There are photos and videos of our chocolates in our Cratejoy listing and on our website JackiesChocolate.com. You can view our chocolates before ordering. We sell 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb and 1 lb subscription boxes. We fill these boxes with bite size chocolates because most people prefer to share them with friends and family.
by Robert written Sep 27, 2018
This chocolate is very tasty and colorful. When i found this website then i gave some order for chocolate. It is so good.
Very helpful
by Angla written Sep 27, 2018
Very helpful and friendly. Great service. Highly recommended!!!
Very professional service! Thank you guy
by Joe written Sep 27, 2018
Very professional service! Thank you guys! I recommend you to my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very professional service! Thank you guy
by Joe written Sep 27, 2018
Very professional service! Thank you guys! I recommend you to my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A disappointing treat
by Stephanie written Sep 24, 2018
I saved up my extra cash for about six weeks to treat myself to a little box of chocolates every month; because I deserve to treat myself to something special! (in addition to shipping, there's the extra fee for shipping in a special package to prevent melting, $5 each month, I believe) I did my research and Jackie's Chocolates had positive reviews. I received my first shipment in a timely manner in June. July came and went with no package. In August I contacted the seller regarding my July box, and a replacement box was shipped soon after. I assumed that I would still be getting a box for August in addition to the replacement but it never arrived. September has almost come and gone and I haven't received any box of chocolates this month. I contacted the seller several days ago and have had no reply. I understand that warmer months and climates may impact shipping; however I live in the Pacific Northwest, and it doesn't get particularly warm or humid. It seems that the issues with shipments being delayed is a fairly recent issue. I would enjoy to continue to receive my delicious chocolates, and reward myself a little without added frustration.
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The best chocolate ever !!!!!!!
by holly written Sep 14, 2018
This is hands down the best chocolate I have ever had ...... This chocolate came carefully package in thermal packaging so as to not melt and it wasn't melted it was perfectly cared for absolutely the most wonderfully tasting chocolate ever if you haven't tried it well what are you waiting for get yourself some you won't be disappointed 😀
First box
by Anna written Sep 13, 2018
I'm new at sub boxes... There's a massive list on Google of ones you can pick from an that's how I ran across this one. Its unique, I haven't found any other on the market like this (so far). The chocolate? Amazing. Honestly, you aren't buying your standard big box store chocolates. You are buying from a human who makes them not a machine... Yes, you will get repeat chocolates if you order the pound of chocolate but that's gunna happen because you are meant to share it...or eat it all if you don't like sharing... Mine came in a timely fashion and I loved every single one. I will be a repeat customer. In summary, if you understand there won't be a card telling you what you are getting. Also understand a human made this not a factory, they aren't store bought chocolates....You are subject to repeats and you want some delicious random chocolate on a monthly baisis then this is the box for you. I'll update as I get more boxes. Happy customer here!
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