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Love Jerky, Hate Jerky Snob

Jun 26, 2019
Zack O.
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I'll be honest. I prefer the old fashioned style drier tougher hard jerky as if it's actually preserved. To this day, every single bag I've opened from Jerky snob has been moist, tender. Which for me just reminds me of the nitrate soaked Jack Links jerky from your local gas station.
I've had to throw bags out because this moist jerky developed mold before I even opened the bag. It seems a bit counter-intuitive for a preserved meat snack and i feel like a jerky snob. Unfortunately, Jerky Snob is more about the pretentious packaging less so on what jerky they actually select.

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Jerky Snob said...Jul 05, 2019

Thank you for your feedback. We're disappointed to learn that you were dissatisfied with some of your jerky. Along with our taste testing group, we work to provide a wide variety of flavors, textures, spice levels and featured companies in our shipments each month. From the feedback we receive from our community, we have found that people prefer a mix of different types of jerky. So, since everyone's tastes are different, we try to surprise our customers every month with a variety and the textures usually vary from month to month.
We will reach out to you privately to investigate the bag that may have been defective. If a customer has questions or issues with a bag of jerky, we ask...

Not really happy with the products sent

Aug 29, 2018
Lauren A.
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Of the 6 bags of jerky that we received only 1 we would rate as good. Both of our last 2 shipments have been very dry and had a mealy texture with the seasoning not really incorporated with the jerky just crumbling off....
I am very disappointed with this gift that I sent,

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Jerky Snob said...Sep 06, 2018

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you were unhappy with some of the jerky we recently featured. We realize everyone has different taste preferences. Our team of 12 taste testers work to find a variety of flavors, spices, and textures to provide something different each month. Several of the flavors featured were customer favorites over the past few years. Thank you for giving us a try.