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First Box

Mar 06, 2021
Evelyn V.
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Subscribed for 21 days

Although I listed the size as medium, we received a large jacket. The products are of good quality, but we expected more of a coordinated outfit< it is pretty much a mashup of uncoordinated colors. We have 2 more boxes coming before we decide whether or not to continue, will update!

Verified Purchase
JetSole said...Mar 13, 2021

Hi Evelyn,
We appreciate your purchase and feedback. The jacket came in a large to ensure it would fit even after a wash. We can ensure all future items will be a medium. As for the coordinating we ensure that each outfit (top, pants & sneakers) compliment each other while not being too matchy. If you would like us to match the colors more we can do so.
Team JetSole

Jun 11, 2018
Ruth D.
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Subscribed for 21 days

We were initially very disappointed in the JetSole box- they shipped out the first box before my husband could fill out any information about his style, etc, and the first box that came was so, ridiculously, nothing at all like my husband's style. But JetSole sent us a prepaid shipping label and we sent everything back, and the second box was much better. The box is not bad, but they need to do better on the tech end of things - it's silly for a customized clothes box to ship out before customizing.

Verified Purchase
JetSole said...Jun 12, 2018

We want to first thank you for using our service and being be patient with us as we exchanged your initial box with items that aligned with your husband’s style. Your feedback on our style intake process is helpful and we are working on ways to improve the flow to ensure we have all the needed information to better craft each box.