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Get your child to love reading with Just Right books. Books that are only in schools, right to you.
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Primary grade teacher approved!

Aug 13, 2019
Melanie A.
1 Review

As an elementary teacher (taking time off to raise my boys) I was excited to give Just Right Reader try. The box did not disappoint. The books were high quality and had so many great attributes I'd look for when reading with a beginning reader (repetitive wording, exciting pictures, simple text, etc). Along with the books came reading tools I actually used in the classroom: "laser pointer" to spot known words, letters, or track reading, an alphabet chart, reading necklace, and prizes for completing tasks on the reading journey!
Although my son is a bit young (and too into playing) he still had fun spotting letters, filling in the blanks when reading (thank you quality pictures), and getting prizes for completing his reading checklist!
I would definitely recommend JRR to any parent looking to support their kiddo at home in reading (it comes with pointers on exactly how to do that, you don't need to be a teacher to use the kit!). When I return back to the classroom and find parents asking how can I help...I will definitely point them in this direction!