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Jun 26, 2019
Arealle E.
1 Review
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I absolutely love this service. I got it for over a year and there was only 1 book I disliked.

Love it!!!!

Sep 02, 2018
Brandi G.
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I love this book box! Every book they have sent me has been very interesting and up my alley! So many great authors I have never heard of or would have found on my own!!!😍😍😍

Aug 14, 2018
Sarah S.
1 Review

I bought their one time only box off of their website because I'd be in the middle of moving by the time the next subscription box rolled around.

I loved it! All of them are first-in-series books that I've never heard of and they all look like they will be a great read. Once I get settled in my new apartment I'll purchase the monthly box!

Who Done It Mystery Box

Apr 25, 2019
Carol D.
1 Review

This is going to be a lot of fun. Have just received my first box so have not read the books as of yet. They are new titles for me, though, and I am looking forward to
reading them.

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