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Delivering affordable boxes of dog goodies, to your home.

Plans as low as $21.66 / month

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Incredible Value!

by Jessica R., Apr 05, 2018

I have been subscribed to this service for over a year now and can say with absolute certainty this is the best pet subscription out there. I have three pups who truly look forward to their Woof Pack each month, they recognize the box at this point! Each box I have received contained high quality toys and treats that all of my dogs have enjoyed. I find this service to greatly exceed my expectations and I have never had any issues with any of the products. I also find they have fast shipping, my boxes typically arrive within 2 to 3 days of being shipped out. Overall, I can't recommend this service enough!

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I love shop woof pack!

by Amberly L., Mar 14, 2018

I love shop woof pack so much!
The sheer convenience, quality of toys, and nutritional treats makes this subscription 100% worth it! By now my dogs recognize the box when it’s delivered and get so excited! If you are on the fence, use promo code ‘bones10’ for 10% off

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The box was good toys easily destroyed

by Michaila S., Mar 29, 2017

I appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into the box and i think the value was definately there. However i was slightly dissapointed becasue within a week my two puppies and destroyed there toys (I bought the toys for tough chewers/big dogs) However i am not to upset about that because I know that my dogs destroy almost every toy that i buy for them.
There was one item in my box that I did not end up giving to them and that was the Waterbuffalo horn. When the horn came it already had rough edges and with my puppies being tough chewers i was afraid that they would choke on it. That being said i would consider resubscribing at some point in the future.

Thank you so much KAIKRATES,


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by Marelis R., Jan 12, 2017

I ordered three months worth of boxes for my boyfriend's shepherd mix and all I have to say is WOW. The boxes were all stuffed with goodies and toys. There was not a single toy that disappointed. All of them were made with high quality materials and all of them were suited to our big boy (110 pounds!). The treats were all great quality, nothing that you could buy at some big box stores and nothing with ingredients that could be potentially dangerous.

If I could still afford to keep the subscription going, I absolutely would. As soon as I can, you bet I will be signing my stepdogson up for another box! Kai Krates, thank you for a great subscription box. I am recommending you to all of my friends!

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Love at first sight!

by Melinda P., Jan 10, 2017

My little guy adores his very first Kai Krate! He loved the yummy chewy treats and played with his little squeaky football for hours. I loved how there is a list with the specifics of every item so that I can buy more if my little guy just can't live without something. Thanks for putting together a box that is not only fun but also healthy for my baby!

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Love it.

by Anna K., Jul 28, 2016

I have four pugs and there was something for each of them in my box.... I do wish they would put more softer chew treats, in, as one of my dogs, prefers soft.... but other than that... they all love their new treats and toys.

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So thrilled with this box!

by Rachel S., Jun 16, 2016

I have tried other subscription boxes for my pup before and they were clearly not very thought out, some even had toys that became harmful to my pup.
But Kai Krates is the answer! It ships TO YOUR DOOR! That means no dealing with the apartment mail room and waiting around forever and a day. Plus it is very personalized- and that's just the delivery.
Their customer service is out of this world! It is amazing and personal and everything I dreamed of! I'm new to being a crazy dog lady and so them being so helpful was amazing.
AND THE TOYS! So great! So thoughtful! I got the average dog size for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi and she is obsessed with every single toy and treat. I have to make sure to hide some away so that she gets a mid-month surprise too. There is so much in the box she couldn't even play with it all at once.
Overall, I am so happy with this subscription and company and rave about it to all my friends. GET THIS BOX! Not to mention (and I've done the research) it is the lowest price by a landslide. It rocks and I am officially a brand loyal customer for them!!

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Happy Puppies!

by Brenda L., Jun 07, 2016

I have 6 dogs ranging in size from a miniature dachshund to a cane corso! They LOVE the Kai Krate!!
My cane has to be the first one in the box. He wants the toy first! He will play with it for about 30 minutes then he will put it down for his "brothers and sisters" to enjoy! They are so good with sharing! I went with a box suited for the smaller pups, but there is always something in there for my big man to enjoy!

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Awesome box+company!

by Rachel F., Jun 06, 2016

We look forward to our Kai Krate every month. My dog knows the mail is for him and he waits patiently as we open the box. He likes to investigate it and pick out his favorites. The company is great to work with and made sure to update my address when I moved (unlike another unnamed box I used to subscribe to that kept sending my box to my old address). They are very friendly and make sure my dog is happy. He gets a good variety of toys and treats!!!

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Super Awesome Dog box

by Alejandra P., May 27, 2016

***Sorry for the longish review but I feel like had so much to say.. here we go***

I was looking for subscription box for my kids(dogs) that meet all my needs which was more toys less treats. I have found it with Kai crates.
I signed up for a 6 month plan I got a better deal(I wanted to get the best deal, and you can cancel anytime lol), and feels more like a steal.They have options depending of the size of your pups, and you can select they type of plan monthly or 3mo6no etc. You also get a tracking numberfor your package so you know when to expect it.
The quality of their products are great, toys are very durable, the treats are great, healthy and natural from what I've read. I have 5 dogs and each one of them benefit from their boxes, I thought it would be a hit and miss with some of their products but so far we're good.
I'm amazed of how excited for the toys my dogs get.
The staff I've chatted with has been very nice and helpful. I can tell they do care about customer service and being helpful.
Overall if you are looking for a reasonable priced box I'd say give this service a try,you won't regret it.
Looking forward to my next box. Peace

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