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4.8 of 5 stars
Fun treat
by Felicia written 3 days ago
I ordered this box for myself as a fun treat. I have three kids so I don't spend a lot of me time or extra money on myself. This box is amazing and fun. So far I have not disliked one box (even if I am not familiar with the fandom choice). The jewelry pieces are good quality, and easy to wear. I work in an office and love wearing the items to work. It is definitely better than what I expected for the price and look forward to it each month.
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by Jaclyn written 5 days ago
This box is hit or miss. Some months are AMAZING! Jurassic was the best. Other months feel a little cheap. Definitely worth trying out to see if it's your vibe.
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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly said...
3 days ago
Hi Jaclyn and thanks for your review. Sorry to hear that you weren’t too impressed and think some of our boxes feel cheap. We strive to bring amazing quality jewelry and other fun fandom items to every box. We also like to mix things up for each month so it doesn’t feel like you are getting the same thing over and over. Some time’s what some customer’s love others don’t, and vice versa. Don’t forget we have a skipping feature, so if you’re not interested in a fandom you can skip that monthly renewal. We do what we can do to bring the love of fandoms to everyone’s doorsteps so they can equally enjoy.
Not worth the $ to me
by Edith written 5 days ago
I bought 2 monthly boxes and 1 special. Two were shipped past the ship date stated. The special $35 box was a let down for me and I am a huge HP fan, my teenage neighbor will be most pleased with the contents though. I cancelled once I saw the quality of the jewelry was consistently low and the amount of really cool items that appeal to me is non existent. It can be a super fun box for someone who loves surprises and little trinkets, just not for me. The owner is quick to respond to questions and is eager to fix any issues. Follow on social media if you want to be kept updated on any delays though.
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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly said...
4 days ago
Hi Edith and thanks for your review. I see that you weren’t a monthly subscriber, but only subscribed when a box appealed to you. So when saying we are consistently late is incredibly inaccurate. We are a small business and sometimes things happen to delay boxes from going out on time. Out of almost 3 years in business we have been late on only two monthly boxes. I’d say that’s a pretty good track record. Limited Edition boxes have an expected ship date, but aren’t guaranteed. I see you got our Limited Edition Harry Potter House box, which had a retail value over $75, including 4 handmade items from other small businesses. Our goal is to provide amazing quality of jewelry for all our subscribers. We strive for excellence and amazing items to bring the love of fandoms to life. Once again thanks for your business and review. Hope you have an amazing day.
by Jasmine written Aug 09, 2018
In love with my once upon a time box if you love jewelry and fandoms then this is for you !
Really Great!
by Brandi written Jul 28, 2018
SO my first box I loved and decided to skip the Lilo and Stich box (just not my thing). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jurassic world box! My son stole the pillow case as he is a huge dinosaur fan and I loved the the necklace was unisex as well. It did not fit me so I have it to him. The seller responds very fast when ever I have questions and always walks me through everything. Would highly recommend. My only complaint is that I was stupid and skipped the month that is once upon a time :(
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by Kris written Jul 05, 2018
I received my first Kal-Elle Fandom box and it was AMAZING!! The theme this month is Lilo & Stitch and every item that was in the box was great quality, fit the theme perfectly and was unique!! I received 2 beautiful prints, a Stitch coin purse, a barrette with a Hawaiian flower on it, the absolute cutest earrings, a headband, an elastic hair tie that has a Hawaiian flower on it, a magnet, sunglasses and last but definitely not least a Ohana necklace that is my favorite item! I LOVE that they announce the theme in advance so that if it's a fandom that doesn't interest you, you can opt out of receiving it! This was my first box, but DEFINITELY NOT my last! Thank you for providing such unique and beautiful items! Keep up the GREAT work!!
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by Sami written Jul 01, 2018
Everything was really cute but I saw other reviews for the month were Jurassic Park so I was really looking forward to that theme. I ended up with LILO and Stitch which isn’t bad just not what I wanted. This was my first box so I’m not familiar with how it works, but most of the things in it I won’t use or keep.
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Love love love
by Michele written Jun 27, 2018
I am such a huge Jurassic Park fan!! Loved everything and use the bone pens everyday at work :)
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Decent Enough
by Chelsea written Jun 10, 2018
Kal-Elle is worth the price you pay, if accessories are your goal collection. The theme for the month was logical (dinosaurs, with the new Jurassic World movie coming soon, is a timely theme). The box included earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. It also included some non-wearable items such as a 4X6 art print, a pillowcase (very comfy), and a magnet. For me, about half of these items were interesting. The other half I knew someone who would LOVE them, so i'm saving them for Christmas. All in all, the subscription seems worth the money. Sometimes they combine some odd things into the boxes (i don't get the pillowcase), but everything was pretty neat --all the same.
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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly said...
Jun 11, 2018
Hi Chelsea, Sorry to hear you thought we were decent enough. We strive for amazing fandom boxes every month. As it states in our listing we offer jewelry and other fandom goodies including, but not limited to socks, pillow covers, pens, scarfs, and so much more. If there’s anything you feel like we can improve please reach out to us.
Absolutely Love It!!
by Morgann written Jun 06, 2018
I have been extremely happy with my charms and it is always such a fun surprise in the mail and know that it will make me smile. Keep up the great work!
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