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4.9 of 5 stars
by Cassandra written 12 days ago
I loved my harry potter box. That scarf is amazing!
Dec. Harry Potter box
by Kathe written 15 days ago
OMG!!! This box was amazing! I loved every single item!!! Her boxes are always awesome!!
by Juanita written 18 days ago
Loved the Harry potter box!!!!!
Amazing box and service
by Paige written 19 days ago
Probably the most amazing box and customer service I have ever experienced. The owner Melanie is quick to reply to any question and keeps her subscribers informed. They also had a delay in shipping, but it was only a few days which is expected since their shipping date in December was during Christmas. The items are amazing quality and so unique. The Harry Potter box was brilliant and I can't wait for Doctor Who.
First Box
by TraciBelanger written last year
Villains! How I love some villains...This was a great box, guys, and how did you know I'll be Maleficent for Halloween? Thanks for the necklace!
Evil Love
by Jessica written last year
♡ LOVE ♡ this box!!!
Love it!
by Rebecca written last year
I've gotten two boxes so far (bought the Wonder Woman box in the overstock) and I'm in love! Even though I wasn't excited when I saw July's theme I absolutely loved everything in the box and can't wait to see what they have in store next!
I love the Peter Pan Box!
by Andrea written last year
The necklace, the earrings, the mug! Everything in the box was awesome. I hope we will see more interesting and useful items like the mug in the future. I can't wait for next month. <3
Just Perfect.
by Rebecca written last year
I received my crate in a timely manner. It only took 2 days to ship! This morning I got the email that says it was received and I was so excited! This is my first ever crate so I only bought one month to see how it would be. All the items were in there with a great variety. I love them all! I was hesitant when I found out it would be Peter Pan but I actually love it!
by Shannon written last year
MY FAVORITE BOX EVER!!!! <3 I love everything single months theme! Everything ships and comes perfectly!
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