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Please cancel
by Sheryl written Aug 01, 2018
Please cancel my subscription.
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Would have been five star rating, but...
by Sheryl written Jul 30, 2018
The box was good, but no information about what was in the bottle of rosewater toner, that was included. No information, on the bottle, or in the box. For that reason I cannot give a five star rating, because I want to know what is in what I put on.
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Great Concept, Execution needs work.
by Amanda written Dec 02, 2017
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept here. Truly do. I think it is beyond wonderful. But here's the rub... These things are made to get inserted and injected into my body. More than a little hard to do given the way the applicators get stuck, the heads are already pushed out of the applicators on arrival, the bottom part of the applicator that pushes the cotton bit up and in just colapses and gets stuck. I go through about 4 of them just to get 1 to actually go in. And I find it strange that the heads are so far open with the cotton poking right up and out and that is while it is still inside the wrapper.... The idea is fabulous. Contact me when you fix these problems I will re-subscribe, but until then these are over priced for the quality delivered in that they are impractical due to their functional difficulty. Fix the problems and I for one would pay more for them than you are charging now. Happily.
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Nice stuff!
by Ashley written Jun 09, 2017
Everything it comes with is super great quality, just wish the "pads" were better for heavier flows since I usually wear them more than tampons
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Great Company !!
by Natasha written Apr 20, 2017
I'm three boxes in and I am impress with their accommodating costumer service. Especially feels nice to have that kind of service for such a personal thing. I love the wipettes part of the box, there liners are great, the pads are nice and the tampons do the job. The tampons cartridge is cardboard like but I am fine with that, makes it GREEN. In all very happy with the noticeable changes with vaginal health sense changing over to organic feminine care products. Their 1 rotating pampering product I've always enjoyed and it's exciting to receive a mystery every month along with everything else. I recommend this subscription.
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by Megan written Feb 27, 2017
I just received my first Kali box and I am delighted! It came with a coconut sugar scrub for "me time" and I can't wait to use it! This box is wonderful!
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