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Monthly craft supply kits featuring unique crafting mediums.

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Ok if you are new to resin....

Mar 19, 2019
Shannon M.
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2nd edit: so.... IDK... I think this box has amazing potential. If you are just beginning to learn about and use resin, this might be a good option for you. My problem is that the projects seem to be steadily becoming more and more juvenile. I get that this whole "kawaii" thing is kind of juvenile by definition, but really, it should also have an adult or sort of alternative spin. The molds that came this month in the shaker box were truly for 7 year olds-- an ice cream truck, ANOTHER unicorn that isn't even a good design. There is consistently less product that needed to complete all the projects intended- for example, this month, which is themed shakers, there is no shaker oil and the amount of the glitter/rhinestones/etc to put IN the shakers is maybe enough for 3 and there is only one little thing of it, so it's all the same color/type, and there is definitely a missed opportunity to include what would make the specific shakers included anything special.
I really, REALLY wish I could find a craft box that was full of high quality, adult projects- the days of crafting being about making cheap, generic, "pretty"and "cutesy" Suzie Homemaker items is over and has been for a long time!!!!!!)
(early 2019)This is definitely one of the best craft boxes out there, & for sure the best one I’ve tried!!!! The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is...

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