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KETO4ALL! Premium Subscription Plan

With your KETO4ALL! Premium plan, you'll receive a bi-monthly lifestyle box containing keto-friendly snacks, educational material, workout guides, recipes, and more! You'll also gain exclusive access to your members-only site which contains all past recipes, workout guides, as well as discounted hard-to-find products to customize your box!
  • Keto-friendly, low-carb, sugar-free lifestyle items
  • Mystery keto-friendly, low-carb, sugar-free items... every box is unique!
  • Exclusive discounts, workout guide, recipes and more!
  • Access to Subscribers-ONLY VIP page

Customer Questions (2)


Q: Do you include macros for all your products? Asked by Mykaela B., June 2020

KETO4ALL! answered...March 2021

Hi Mykaela!
Many of the product information including nutritional facts and ingredients can be found on the product partner's website. With that said, all the products in the boxes can fit within a keto, low-carb, sugar-free lifestyle :)

The products in the boxes will have the ingredients & nutritional values listed on the package :)

by Chris A., June 2020


Q: Hello. Can this box be customized for vegetarians or vegans? Asked by Marilee K., August 2019

KETO4ALL! answered...August 2019

Hello! We may able to customize your box depending on your needs and
location! Please send us a message or email to talk about how we can
support your keto journey!

Reviews (14)

Not too impresed. Poor customer servcie

May 15, 2022
Verified Purchase
Kathy B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

Too much stuff I didn't like. Would rather pick my own stuff.

KETO4ALL! said...May 17, 2022

Hi Kathy, we're so sorry to hear about your experience. We would love to work with you to remedy this situation. Please contact us via our support email and we'll work with you to find a positive solution :)

Love the Revol snacks!!!

Mar 29, 2021
Verified Purchase
Jennifer M.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

I especially enjoyed my Revol snacks. I would never have tried them if they had arrived in my subscription box. I will try the two energy drinks on the weekend. I have never had any kind of energy drink so I hope I like it.

KETO4ALL! said...Mar 31, 2021

Thanks so much for your review Jennifer!! We appreciate your support! :D

The best keto sub box Canada !!!!!

Jan 07, 2021
Carly T.
2 Reviews

I have tried so many keto boxes, nothing compares for me to the Keto4all box. It’s so nice to see majority of the products made in Canada, not all, but a ton of them and the variety in the boxes are awesome! Chris (the owner) is so accommodating, flexible and has phenomenal customer service!!!
The shipping is pretty fast and I am always happy to see this box in my mail!!!

KETO4ALL! said...Jan 07, 2021

Thank you so much for your review Carly!! It's a pleasure to help support your healthy lifestyle! :)

Please Clean Things Up!

Nov 23, 2019
Verified Purchase
Lori J.
1 Review
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 9 months

Please choose products that have cleaner ingredients I.e. no maltitol, palm oils etc.
Also please ensure that the products have macros and ingredients listed or included.

KETO4ALL! said...Nov 23, 2019

Hi Lori,
Thank you so much for your review!
I'm so sorry that you were not satisfied with your recent box. I try my best to find the best available products to include in the box. However, due to the limited availability of keto-friendly products there may be products in the box that may not be suitable for 100% of our subscribers. Please know I do my best to find products that are clean and suitable for those on the keto lifestyle.
I believe all the products in the box contains information on their ingredients & macros, which product were you referring to? Please email me with further information.
Again, I sincerely apologize.

Superior Customer Service & Variety

Jul 26, 2019
Victor D.
1 Review

The customer service was great the company was swift with addressing queries and I appreciate the great variety of keto friendly products they offer. As well, you get some bonus non-edible swag too! All in all I recommend subscribing to KETO4ALL as it's a great value and you get a lot of things to help you through your keto diet.

Fast shipping and great variety

Jul 21, 2019
Jon R.
1 Review

This keto subscription box was a great addition to my trials in keto. The boxes were always on time and shipped quickly, the contents had many useful keto friendly products that I had no idea even existed (I bought quite a few of the keto gummies after being introduced to them in this subscription box).

KETO4ALL! said...Jul 22, 2019

We hope you enjoy your box and gummies! :)

Love seeing what's inside

Jul 21, 2019
Catherine A.
1 Review

I love the Keto box! The assortment of items is always great and I'm always looking forward to see what's going to be inside the box

KETO4ALL! said...Jul 22, 2019

Awesome!! Thank you so much!

Great for any diet!

Jul 20, 2019
Justin A.
1 Review

An awesome subscription box that's targeted towards keto. The variety of snacks and different items you get is definitely worth the price. Even if you're not specifically on the keto diet, what you get from the box helps to promote a healthier lifestyle so give it a try!

KETO4ALL! said...Jul 22, 2019

Thank you so much! :D

Not just food items!

Jul 20, 2019
Julia T.
1 Review

I'm so happy to receive a box that isn't just food items! I love the other items included that focuses on the other aspects of my life!

KETO4ALL! said...Jul 20, 2019

Thank you so much!!


Jul 20, 2019
1 Review

Really love this box, good variety of full sized products. It does work out to be cheaper than buying the items outside in the stores. Delivery was fast!

KETO4ALL! said...Jul 20, 2019

Thank you so much Lan!!

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