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Cleanse your home from the spirit of old food order,stinky pets ,and all things smelly

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Feb 03, 2018
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Two of these "verified" reviews are exactly the same... I still haven't gotten the box I ordered in August.... Just, nope. Don't do it.

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Worst ever subscription!!!

May 17, 2018
Megan L.
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This company billed me for 5 months, and never once sent a box! Reimbursed me for 4 of the boxes, and I had to threaten legal action for them to stop billing my account. I can't even rate the contents of the box, as one never came!!!

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Nov 25, 2017
Amber P.
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I decided to try this box because of the cheap price. However shipping was very expensive making it over $15 total. I signed up the first part of October, didn’t receive my first box until November 24th. I emailed them several times with no response. It wasn’t until I posted to their social media that I got a response. When I finally got my box I was very disappointed. It was thrown in a shipping box, no thought into packaging. I thought I’d be getting smudge sticks and various other goodies to burn. What I received was down right disappointing. Not worth the expensive shipping. I canceled my subscription.

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Tiny box, overpriced shipping, no labels

Nov 26, 2017
Meredith C.
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I am so disappointed by what I received that it's laughable. I got 3 incense cones, a few incense sticks labeled "Made in China", 3 fall smelling wax melts, a tea light, and some pellet looking things I guess the maker called "potpourri". There is no listing of any scents or ingredients. There is some printed paper telling us a Bible verse and the maker's vision for building a warehouse and employing people. Based on the description and photos for this box, I expected herbs and scents for burning, not 3 wax melts and a few random pieces of incense. I will be requesting a refund.

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