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A unique hands-on 3D crafting experience without the mess. Ships in under 48 Hours!
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So glad we found this!

Apr 01, 2021
Arthur P.
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Just, wow. You can tell when your kid loves something so much that they want to sleep next to and then wake up in the morning with it. This is the best money I've spent in as long as I can recall. This one checks all of the boxes in my book: inexpensive, fun, even educational. Keep em' coming!

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A great fun toy and family time activity

May 24, 2021
Victoria J.
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These are awesome, I am now 3 shipments in and I am in love with this! It's fun for all ages, though parental help is required to free the pieces.

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AnyCard Craft Kits said...May 26, 2021

Thank you for the very kind words and candid feedback! There is indeed room to continue refining our kits to make them more accessible for young ones. We also have an eye towards continually reducing dependency on sharp tools, glue, and waste material. We'll keep these objectives in focus for the foreseeable future.