Kizuna Box
Exploring Japan's seasons, festivals and culture through authentic lifestyle items and snacks!

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August box
by Mary written 6 days ago
I just love this box. Thank you so much for being there.
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The cutest!
by Kelly written Aug 11, 2018
Everything in it is so cute! The rice cakes were yummy, and the plate was perfect. I particularly loved the little windchime, its so beautiful.
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by Alycia written Jul 21, 2018
The lifestyle box is full of high quality and beautiful Japanese goods! The Umi No Hi box had a gorgeous cloth patterned with animals under the sea, beautiful bowl with traditional wave pattern, a whimsical spoon shaped like a fish, as well as many other great items! The Kizuna box is curated by actual Japanese people, not foreigners, so you get a true feeling of Japan. I am so glad I got it!
by Laura written Jul 14, 2018
I was pleasantly surprised by the little guide that came in the package so I didn't have to worry about translating stuff myself. Everything was cute and thematically appropriate and there were enough things in the box that I could share some things around the office.
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Cute and delicious!
by Michelle written Jul 09, 2018
The Umi no Hi box was a great introduction to Kizuna Box! Everything inside was super cute, with a good variety of both salty and sweet snacks. I also appreciated the insert with allergen statements, as I have sensitivities to several foods. Shipping was fast too; I received my box in just a week. I will definitely be looking forward to next month too!
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Loved my July box
by Mary written Jul 08, 2018
Thank you Kizuna box, this month was awesome
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by Melissa written Jul 08, 2018
The items in the lifestyle box were so cute! The products are definitely unique and very, very cute!
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Lovely June box
by Alissa written Jul 04, 2018
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, so I particularly loved this month's box. The bowl, the cards, the stickers were much appreciated. I also really liked the glass snail -- very cute!
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Beautiful Goods from Japan!
by Alycia written Jun 27, 2018
The June Tsuyu (Rainy Season) Box was the first one I received from Kizuna box and I was very impressed! I lived in Japan for two years and was feeling some with-drawl from the culture and Kizuna came to my rescue! Overall there is a good mix of elegant, cute, and fun cultural items that brings to mine rain and renewal. There is a nice card inside that describes the theme's meaning as well as each item and where it comes from. My favorite item was definitely the hydrangea bowl. It has a gorgeous design on the outside and a delicate outline of hydrangea petals on the inside. Overall a very high quality piece too enjoy for years to come! A few of my other favorites are a beautiful post card and lovely hydrangea stickers so you can share the love with others too! Overall the value was $66 so you do get your money's worth (even after shipping). I can't wait for my next box!!
by Vaughan written Jun 23, 2018
There was the most wonderful little hydrangea flower candy bundle in the June box, along with all the other nifty things. The artistry of these products is just amazing. I continue to LOVE my boxes. Thank you KIZUNA!
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