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spring in a parcel
by Vaughan written 6 days ago
The April box celebrated cherry blossom season, which is a huge deal in Japan. And it should be. This box had a fascinating selection of cherry blossom themed foods and a roll of lovely tape with cherry flowers on it. Wonderful as usual! Thank you Kisuna. You can always see the care they put in every box.
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This was so great!
by Alice written 10 days ago
Super pleased with the snack box! It was the best gift for a Japan-Lover! Trying the lifestyle box next!
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by Melanie written 13 days ago
I just got my first Kizuna box and I am very happy about it. The breakables in the box were wrapped up tightly and snug as a bug! I loved the Sakura theme of the box. I can't wait to try the tea that was sent with it. I love collecting items from different countries, and this box definitely brought that in with this box. The wait time for shipping wasn't bad either. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for the next box!
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First purchase and probably not the last
by Borja written 13 days ago
From time to time I search the web looking for some subscription box that look interesting. I found this crate through a page that shows comparisons of a lot more. I'm always been fascinated about japanese culture and finding this box I decided to buy it. I purchased first the lifestyle box, because I was expecting the snack box to have some "weird" snacks and probably I would not like it, but a week later I though, why not? And purchased it too. It looks that my first purchase it has been a great success. There is something more iconic to the japanese culture than the blossoming sakura. The theme for this box is precisely that. The lifestyle box contains a teacup and plate, a postcard, a wrapping cloth, some sakura cookies (they taste amazing), a few blank letters and a tray that I already I'm using to store my matcha tea set. All of these items are adorned with a pink petals pattern except the plate that is more black than pink. The snack box has some candies, rice crackers, cookies and a bag of chips among other things. It includes also a small jelly with a sakura flower inside that it's so beautiful that I would feel sorry to eat it :(. Both boxes contains some sakura cookies and a bag of sakura tea. About the service, nothing to add. Since it's sent from Japan and I live in Spain I expected it to take a lot to be delivered, like 2 or 3 weeks minimum. Boxes from others companies sometimes took one month, but with Kizuna I got the tracking email on April 6th and I received it today (April 11th), less than a week! Summing up, I'm happy with both boxes and probably will repeat it the next month.
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April lifestyla box blew me away
by Anna written 19 days ago
The April lifestyle box is Cherry blossom themed and from the preview I knew I would get a tea cup and a tray but the quality of the items in the box exceeded my expectations and to have the leaflet give you the information that the pottery is dishwasher safe was a big bonus. What I am most excited about is the Sakura tea that I found in the box. It's not like any other cherry blossom tea I've ever seen before, it's cherry blossoms preserved in sugar! REAL cherry blossoms! complete with petals, stems and all that jazz!
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March lifestyle box was lovely
by Katharine written last month
The March lifestyle box was based on the Girl’s festival or doll festival on March 3rd. I am nostalgic about this festival because my host family celebrated it with their daughters. I remember the displays, and now I have my own Emperor and Empress dolls to display. They also sent a very pretty cherry blossom plate, a Hinamatsuri printed wrap, a greeting card, and some sweet rice crackers. I enjoyed reading about the symbols and what they meant. They sent an instruction booklet that explains the meaning of the decorations, and also listed allergy information for the food. Everything was packaged carefully and arrived safely.
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Lovely treats
by Katharine written last month
I used to teach in Japan, and I remember the lovely treats the teachers would bring in for omiyage, or souvenirs. March’s box includes treats for Girl’s day. They are all decorated with the special dolls used in the festival. The contents include Hinamatsuri shrimp crackers, Hina doll rice crackers, Hina doll famine candy, Hina arare crackers, o Hina Mochi,chocolate arare crackers, Tohato caramel corn in special peach tart flavor, Potemkin potato rings in Hinamatsuri special edition Sakura shrimp flavor, and a lovely Hinamatsuri greeting card. I liked how they are tied into the theme for Hinamatsuri and had special flavors and decorations. It also had a booklet that explained the products and listed allergies. My favorites are the Ohina Mochi and the Poteko rings. My family enjoyed the shrimp crackers and Arare crackers. There was a nice balance of salty and sweet. A word of warning: the smell and flavors are delicate and not overpowering, but my cat still went crazy when I opened the shrimp crackers—she wanted to eat them!
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by Vaughan written last month
The February plum-themed box was as diverse and interesting as the other monthly boxes. Who knew that plums could be so deliciously savory too? The plum chips are extraordinary. Keep it up Kizuna, you're wonderful.
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by Bethany written 2 months ago
I really like the month to month look into Japanese culture, and the variety of items sent.
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Ume lifestyle box
by Alissa written 2 months ago
A nice selection of plum-themed items for February: chopsticks, a bowl, a multipurpose cloth and some stationary items.
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