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Exploring Japan's seasons, festivals and culture through authentic lifestyle items and snacks!

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Autumn box
by Vaughan written 18 days ago
This was my first Kizuna snack item box. The boxes are extraordinary as they contain a great selection and much care is taken with the choices and the presentation. There is an explanation and description of all the snacks. I have visited Japan a few times and believe that no one does food as beautifully or as fun as the Japanese. Wonderful. Thank you!
The Momiji Box
by Madeleine written 23 days ago
I've written a review for last month and I'm back again, and this time I have to say I love the snack box even more. The October's theme had a good range of snacks as always, as well as some fun items like the Kit Kat with sign language on the packaging. Personal favourite is the Apple cookies, which I totally understood why it won an award! I do have to say that I feel like Japanese snacks, while made from natural ingredients, do tend to be on the sweeter side so far. I love sweets so I can't complain, but if you're not a sweet tooth, the Lifestyle box might be a better option?^^ I also got the extra item in this month's box due to the review, so thank you, Kizuna Box! :D
by Lisa written 2 months ago
I love this box! I get the Kizuna Lifestyle box, and it's a perfect mix of elements from beautiful ceramics to cool little trinkets to fun snacks. The variety of items included is great, and I like that everything is tied to a monthly theme. I started with the one-time purchase option to get an idea of what the box was like, and after getting two fantastic boxes, I switched over to monthly subscription. I highly recommend this box!
by Madeleine written 2 months ago
Received my first Kizuna box ever! I got the Snacks box, which I'm pleasantly surprised by. Besides the daifuku, I've never had any of the rest before and I'm extremely excited to check them out (especially the milk pumpkin omg) Going to munch on them in the office hehe. There's also a cute little rabbit sticket alongside the items, perfect for me cause I'm a sort of bullet journey person ; u ; Can't wait for the next month's box~
by Juniper written 2 months ago
I received the lifestyle box, which had some fun and unique items inside. I love how the items all were tied into the theme.
by Elizabeth written 2 months ago
My first box, and I really loved it. Full of little items I will most definitely use, along with a description of the Japanese Harvest Moon festival.
by Alana written 3 months ago
I got the Lifestyle Box and was extremely happy with my August subscription. I subscribed mostly because I was interested in getting the ceramic item included each month, but I ended up really enjoying the theme and other smaller items included in the box. I'm really looking forward to my next box!
the best japanese type box!!!
by Anna written 3 months ago
unique small things