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Exploring Japan's seasons, festivals and culture through authentic lifestyle items and snacks!

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4.9 of 5 stars
by Lisa written 6 days ago
Kizuna Box has delivered another excellent selection of lifestyle items for the start of the new year! I love the mix of items, from ceramics and textiles to stationery items and snacks, and the accompanying booklet that explains the theme and how the items sent relate to it. I was also very impressed that the Kizuna Box team even included an extra gift to celebrate my 6-month anniversary with them! This is a fantastic box with great customer service, and I would highly recommend them.
An Exceptionally Curated Japanese Snack
by Stephanie written 7 days ago
I adored my first Kizuna Box which had plenty of snacks around the theme symbols of good luck. The box also included a useful guidebook that educated on Japanese culture and traditions related to the snacks. For those with allergies, the allergens of each snack are also listed in the guidebook. Everything inside was delicious, and I highly recommend the Kizuna Box.
A really successful Christmas gift
by Bronwyn written last year
I got this for my husband because we've been watching the BBC 4 Japan season and we were both intrigued and delighted by the household items discussed on some of the programmes. Our first crate was absolutely delightful, from the coloured paper that toned in with the leaflet to the sheet of stickers to the main item. Thank you so much -- can't wait to get the next two installments.
snack heaven
by Vaughan written last year
Yet again the Kizuna team has complied a fabulous box for December. I get another mini trip to Japan thru these boxes. I'm very pleased. Thank you.
Beautiful Lifestyle box
by Roxane written last year
Received my lifestyle winter box today, and I am really happy with the quality and care put into every item. I am defiantly going to subscribe from the New year box! Beautiful items and tasty snacks :)
Enjoy every boxes so far
by Claire written last year
I have received my 5th box and will not cancel my subscription as of now. The curated items have been with great surprise. I enjoy using them literally every single day. Very good job, Kizuna team.
by Alissa written last year
As always, it was a pleasure to come home and find this package waiting on my doorstep.
by Nicole written last year
This November was my fifth Kizuna box and they never cease to amaze me. Before each box I think it can't get better than the one before, and it some how does. I love the effort they put forth both in curation and with their customers. It creates a lovely comfortable environment that I'm pleased to be a part of.
better and better
by Vaughan written last year
Extraordinary is the word that keeps coming to mind. The food that is truly curated is just wonderful. I have extended my subscription due to the quality and care of all the food. Lovely presentation and excellent quality. Thank you.
Autumn box
by Vaughan written last year
This was my first Kizuna snack item box. The boxes are extraordinary as they contain a great selection and much care is taken with the choices and the presentation. There is an explanation and description of all the snacks. I have visited Japan a few times and believe that no one does food as beautifully or as fun as the Japanese. Wonderful. Thank you!
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