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Exploring Japan's seasons, festivals and culture through authentic lifestyle items and snacks!

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4.9 of 5 stars
by Katarina written 2 days ago
I just want to thank the people at Kizuna Box, my Koyo box arrived today and it's honestly exceeded my expectations and honestly made my day! I've been missing my host family and Japan this past year a lot, so I was searching for something in order to bring a bit of Japanese culture back in to my life and I stumbled upon Kizuna box, I'm so glad I gave it a go! Everything was packaged with the utmost care, all the items were beautiful and they're also useful (I subscribed to the lifestyle box) I loved that a little bit of history and information was also provided for each item included in the box! Every item was perfectly themed and thoughtfully selected to reflect the month/ season in Japan! If you're after a little taste of Japanese culture, or you're just missing Japan, I honestly can't recommend it enough!
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Never disapponts
by Gerd-Mona written 6 days ago
Kizuna Box is a thoughtfully and thoroughly composed box. Each month, it follows a theme that is related to the years season. You will get pottery, something to snack on and stationary among other things. And it only took a few days to receive my box.
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Love the autumn box
by Alissa written Nov 12, 2018
The fall leaves are beautiful, this may be my favorite box so far.
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Bento box
by V written Oct 28, 2018
I simply must have a Kizuna box every month. They never cease to make me happy with the fun and delicious items. The food is very unusual as it is from a different culture from mine. Nobody does beautiful and well crafted snacks like the Japanese. These wonderful boxes are such a treat and this month's bento box was up to par. thank you
Bento Lunch!
by Alycia written Oct 26, 2018
The bento kickballs box was beautiful! It had everything you needed to start bringing beautiful lunches to your work. It included a gorgeous cherry blossom bento box, cups similar to cupcake cups to divide your food and even inspiration playing cards with images of different Japanese bento boxes! There were also some fun stickers and a notepad to bring bento into your life outside lunch time :) all in all it was a very fun box!
Bento Beauty
by Lisa written Oct 24, 2018
Bento box, flower bowls & autumn leaves chopsticks were all lovely! Food themed stationary, stickers and exquisite sugar candy shared with a foodie fan. Thank you!
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Nice bento box
by Alissa written Oct 24, 2018
I liked the bento box, bowls and chopsticks.
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by Borja written Oct 23, 2018
Perfect as always, this month was even better than the last one in my opinion
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by Amanda written Oct 13, 2018
I had originally planned to cancel after treating myself to one box, but three boxes later...I still don't have the heart to do it! The items are beautiful, of good quality, and (in my opinion) pretty good value for money. If you were to shop around for similar pieces yourself outside of Japan, it would cost much more. Each box has a cultural theme and the pieces chosen are both highly attractive in their own right, and very evocative of Japanese life and the cultural aspect it features.
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by Borja written Sep 24, 2018
As always there is something in the content of both boxes that surprises me. The snack box was filled with a lot of delicious things, and the ones made from apples had and intense apple taste.
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