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UK Keto Snack Box

Providing 14+ products straight to your door! Going to the supermarket and checking the ingredients of every product is a pain. Here at KompleteKeto, our aim is to satisfy those cravings with some low-carb, low-sugar alternatives, without the hassle of having to locate the aisles of the supermarkets! Delivering low-carb goodies direct to your door!

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Amazing!! So many Snacks!!!

Jul 14, 2020
Olivia W.
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I absolutely adored my box. It came very quickly and I had so many yummy snacks inside. For what you’re paying, you get a lot of snacks. Other keto boxes have less snacks and charge more, However, I was delighted that the Komplete Keto box had so many and such a nice variety. I can’t wait for next month’s box.

Komplete Keto

by Komplete Keto
Providing low-carb and low-sugar alternatives to our everyday favourite snacks
Plans as low as


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