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Needs More Items, and More Selection.

Dec 26, 2019
Isabella G.
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The things included weren't necessarily bad. It's just that there was only 5 small things with doubles. And one was small Citrus drops. I just wish that they includes less doubles, but more selection. Over all, not as good as it was when I got it a year or so ago, but it isn't the worst sub box I've gotten. If you're really invested in Korean foods, with no thought as to money, this box is for you. But if you actually want to experience Korean snacks, with a decent variety, I'd look elsewhere.
Also, there was no card or paper telling me any info on any of the things I was eating. Or what was ingredients were in each snack.

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Korean Snack Box said...Jan 08, 2020

Thank you for your review! We always get filled with joy when we hear that our customers enjoyed our Korean snack boxes. We will continue doing our best to curate the most popular Korean snacks, candy, chips and chocolates every month.

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