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It was ok.

Jun 22, 2018
Daphne H.
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I ordered the smallest box. It had four sample size soda scented slimes of different varieties. The sample sizes were in containers, the type that extra sauces come in for takeout. One of the containers was broken open. They were wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper took up the rest of the space in the box. I also got a cute little scented squishy, three pieces of hard candy, and borax with instructions on how to fix up the slime. I enjoyed the scent of the rootbeer slime.

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Kyoki's Slime said...Aug 02, 2018

Hi Daphne!

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the slimes and extras we included, but we do apologize in the matter of our containers arriving broken. Thus, in order to eliminate this issue in the future, all crates that contain 2oz slimes after June 2018 will be contained our new screw-top 2oz containers that are far more resistant to tears and rips (shown above in our listing examples)! Thank you for notifying us of this issue so we could make the switch ASAP! We hope you will reconsider subscribing in the future, as we have many plans in store for Kyoki's Slime Crates! :)


Sep 18, 2018
Shannon M.
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This box was a great box my daughter loves it but it didn't get shipped within the time frame that was given so my daughter was going crazy and that is not what I was looking for in setting this up when they finally did ship it got it in a few days which was great bc again my daughter was so excited for this box I would give it a higher rating if we did not have the shipping issue the actual products made my daughter happy and smiles and that is what I want to see the pumpkin pie scent was a little weak but I think we are going to try again hope no shipping issues

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