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Good stuff despite odd shipping!

Nov 09, 2019
Emma B.
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So I just want to say I love the products, they are all fun and unique and smell really good too! Will entertain you for a long time. But I can't lie, the shipping is odd. Now to be fair I get the tiny slime crate which is the cheapest and therefore last priority and that's fair. But the arrival dates have been slowly creeping further and further away from when it says
June Crate: got June 15th
July Crate: got July 23rd
August Crate: got September 3rd
September Crate: got October 3rd
October Crate: it's now November 8th and it is still in pre shipment
I really like these guys, I see them at local conventions and want to support them! I'm thinking this may just be growing pains for a small business. And I do receive the product as promised! it's just a bit delayed, but I definitely won't die without new slime immediately. ;)

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Awesome Slime

Mar 01, 2019
Jason D.
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My 10 year old daughter loves these slimes. They are great quality. The only thing I would change is that each shipment seems that have one of the slimes that is exactly the same as the previous box. Out of the 3 months we have subscribed, the same type of slime is included in each.

Other than that my daughter looks forward to receiving her "crate" each month. Many of the slimes that we have ordered online are not high quality, These all are and each month the themes are really creative. Very happy with this subscription

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