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Not what I was hoping for

Nov 28, 2020
Karen O.
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I feel compelled to leave an honest review of this box. The other reviews had hyped it up so much that I was really excited, expecting something great and was very disappointed. It had a lot of random items and samples in it. The shirt had a VERY MUSKY odor and a style I would never wear. The box to the candle has stains and oil marks on it. What I'm assuming is supposed to be a face mask, has two loops attached to thin scarf material hanging down from the bottom of it, which is quite odd and something I would never wear. Most of the beauty items were just free samples that I've received from Ulta, etc. quite a while ago... The OPI nail polish was a color I'd NEVER EVER wear, a book, 3 face masks from a company I've never heard of, which I'm picky with my skincare and they will go in the trash before I put them on my face, a basic loofah, which I have plenty of. I will say there were a lot of items. They did ship immediately as stated in the listing, the packaging was nicely wrapped in tissue paper and If you like to get a bunch of items that are random, you might like this box, but this box definitely was a miss for me.

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KYU CARE BOX CLUB said...Dec 11, 2020

Dearest Karen,
Thank you for giving KYU Care Box Club a try and supporting our cause with this enthusiastic purchase. We appreciate your honest review / neutral rating and hope to continue learning how to satisfy our members through sincere feedback from early subscribers like you! We are working on addressing the issues and concerns you've described in your review during this Beta launch stage of our monthly subscription box club.
We hope you enjoy a special thank you gift -- sent to you, from us -- as a reward for this detailed review. We'll e-mail you a tracking code for this free gift package delivery today.
P.S. Your one-time box purchase funded a $5.25 donation to continue foster care advocacy programs for abused and neglected children...