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Beyond late and not very unique
by Sarah written yesterday
I got a 3 month subscription, and each box came over a month late. One box was primarily all black markers...not much variety. I’m moving on to other calligraphy options like inky box.
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by Timothy written Jun 11, 2018
3 for 3 of the boxes that I ordered were shipped and received incredibly late, with no heads-up as to what the issues were without reaching out. While they have been very responsive on Facebook for information, it doesn't seem like anyone really knows what's going on. Only once did I actually receive a tracking number. The contents of the boxes were nonetheless quite good and my wife seemed to enjoy them when they (finally) arrived. However, I don't think I'll be ordering these boxes again because of the delays and repeat issues with shipping we've experienced.
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by Cara written Apr 08, 2018
I was SO excited to receive my first box (which took forever to receive), but was disappointed by the contents. All supplies I can easily buy at Michael’s with coupons. This first box definitely wasn’t worth $35, but I’m hopeful the second box is. If not, will cancel and try another box. Customer service did reply promptly to my inquiries, although I had to reach out a few times to request the status of the box. I was not automatically sent a tracking number or notified of delays.
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Never again
by Sarah written Apr 04, 2018
If there was an option for 0 stars that is what I would rather them. I paid in Feb. 3 and just finally received my box today. For the amount of time I had to wait, and the $35 I spent, it is not worth it. This is something I learned the hard way, if you have a hard time finding unboxing or review videos on a subscription box, it's for a reason.
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Refund got cancelled
by Revathi written Apr 03, 2018
This is ridiculous !!! The refund got cancelled twice by your side ..
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by Revathi written Apr 03, 2018
Horrible service !!!! It’s being a month and I yet to receive my 1st box. Tracking number is useless !!!! Thank goodness I cancelled the subscription before 2nd April!
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Renewal before 1st box even ships????
by Beda written Apr 02, 2018
Are you kidding me? You guys just renewed my subscription and you have not even sent me my first month's box yet! Outrageous! For the past several days, when I hit "track package" all it says is "shipping label printed". You know, anyone can print a shipping label....but it is super lame to take two months worth of fees from a brand new subscriber before you send ANYTHING to them. Think about how you would feel if you were the consumer in that situation. I have received zero emails from you - no updates, no explanations. Only two $35. withdrawals from my bank account. Now, are we going to have a problem here? Or are you going to send me my March box, now that it is April 2?
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Lettering Box™ said...
Apr 03, 2018
Hi, As a valued member of the Lettering Box community we definitely want to make this right. Our customer service department has reached out to you. Thank you.
Never received shipment
by Laurie written Mar 26, 2018
I placed order on February 11th and was told that shipment would go out March 15-17 and that I’d receive tracking info. I followed up on March 23 as I had not heard anything yet and was told it would hopefully ship out soon. Canceled subscription and will go elsewhere
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Lettering Box™ said...
Mar 26, 2018
Hi Laurie, Yes we agree that there were changes to the shipping dates due to supply issues that have now been dealt with. Our customer service always followed up with all our subscribers including yourself and we have kept everyone updated. Your package is on its way to you and we did advise everyone and yourself that once a tracking number was made available you would get an email. We are sad to see you go but hope you enjoy your box of goodies when it arrives. Thank you for having tried our subscription box. -The Lettering Box Team.
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by Shyne written Mar 16, 2018
I’m a huge fan of LetteringBox and after following them on Instagram for a few months, I decided to buy. I’ve been happily introduced to new pens and tools and more than satisfied with my subscription. I’d recommend for any that enjoy hand lettering.
Not for Canada
by Salem written Mar 13, 2018
Great box but avoid if you're from Canada. It takes forever to get here, the tracking numbers don't work and in 7 months I only received 2 boxes out of my 3.
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