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Nov 23, 2018
Jennifer S.
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Two non-peer reviewed (possibly self-published?) "books", six very inexpensive coloured markers and two snack bars that you could buy in the bulk section at any grocery. Very disappointing. One of the books is a 'goal setting book' with a format that school children could download off the internet for free. A significant waste of time and money.

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Used books and clothing

Nov 07, 2019
Sarah H.
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I really don’t like giving bad reviews because somebody is just trying to make a living but I’m just shaking my head at this box.
First I had nothing but subscriptions problems. Got my first box ok then nothing for two months. Various emails were finally returned, I had to follow up several times and finally after getting only an August box, I just received October and September on November 7th. (And the September box was an August box with the word August crossed out.)
And I signed up for the XL box, 50$ a month plus shipping. Here’s what the boxes had two books and a pair of tights. To be precise a USED book (one from a library, LOL) and a new book that is on severe discount because they aren’t selling. Just junk biographies not worth a read. I’m guessing the person curating is just going to book sales to find box filler. Two boxes had the exact same tights in slightly different colors in a size that might fit a 12 yr old. The first box has a tiny sweatshirt crop top. Might have fit a 9 yr old .
So for my over 50$ I got two books worth about 10$ and a Useless piece of clothing because surprise not everyone is same size. ALL items given away. Books not even worth reading. I am betting the “good” reviews are by friends. This box is almost a scam.
This is a hard pass!!!!!

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