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Get 5 fun products shipped to your door every month

$19.00+ / month
Product Overview
  • We ship by the 7th of every month. Subscribe by the 3rd of the month for guaranteed shipment by the 7th.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
The box for everything lips
LippieBox is a subscription box that includes fun 5 lip products! Our box is popular among teens and tweens, but we have loyal adult subscribers as well! Make your loved one's day every month by signing them up for a subscription.
  • Free shipping to the US
  • Discover exclusive products not found in stores
  • Never receive the same lippie twice
  • Makes the perfect gift
  • Share your box with #lippiebox and we'll share you on our social media channels!
Subscriber Reviews
4.5 of 5 stars
Update on my review
by Allison written May 11, 2018
Updating my opinion on Lippie Box. I like it. I think I'll keep it. $19 is maybe a tad too much but it's like a treat for myself. It's still fun to get in the mail and I love most of the things they send. You get to try products from smaller hand-made companies, which is nice. The card inside the box gives you their links, maybe some coupons. And both months I've gotten so far have included a body scrub. It's nice to get one non-lip product. I guess I wouldn't mind one or two Lip Smackers products. I imagine it's hard to put together a box that will suit both older customers like me (30 yrs) and younger girls. I get that this is a smaller company that say, Ipsy or Boxycharm, and I like to support small businesses so I'm going to keep this subcription for a while. 'Til I'm drowning in lip products, I suppose.
Verified Purchase
Okay, will keep to see if gets better
by Allison written Apr 12, 2018
It's a more than I'd like to pay for what you get but it's still fun to get subscriptions and I use a lot of lip products so I'll keep it for another month or two. From YouTube videos, it looks like mostly young girls get this box. Oh. I'm 30. My first box was mostly lip balms and one pretty large size scrub. I'm also trying Lip Monthly so I'll see which I prefer. But yeah, $19 for about 2-3 lip balms and maybe one lip gloss isn't great. But it's nice to see different brands and try out products from smaller companies. I'll cancel this box as soon as I get anything from Lip Smackers since their products are super cheap, have more chemicals than natural ingredients and can be gross.
Verified Purchase
LippieBox said...
Apr 17, 2018
Hi Allison, Thank you for your feedback as we value your opinion. We do not have plans to include Lip Smackers anytime, and we do make an effort to include natural/organic brands in every box (our most recent one had 3 all-natural products!) Our box is popular amongst younger girls, however we have made efforts to include products suited for adults as well. Our next box will include two lip glosses, perfect for adults - so we hope you enjoy it! :) Best, Sue from LippieBox
by Stacey written Apr 08, 2018
For starters it says you get 5 things and I only get 3. All the cute adorable things in the pictures are not what I got. I literally got 2 chapsticks and a lip scrub that was busted and all over the place and the chapsticks were all sticky. Entire box went to garbage. I have not once received any of the cute glosses or animal shaped things pictured. I contacted company twice and never received an answer. I'm sorry I paid for 6 months upfront for chapstick! I'm sorry but I don't recommend. All the reviews were so convincing 🙄
Verified Purchase
LippieBox said...
Apr 10, 2018
Hi Stacey, I'm sorry again for the disappointment! I did email you back, sorry for being a day late in response. You should never have received a damaged box, and we apologize for that. We are happy to issue you a refund. As for the items you receive, we do include 5 products total, and one or two may be non-lip items to switch it up and keep our customers excited. We have made this decision as a result of conducting polls and surveys. We still try to live up to our name by having it related to lips somehow! :) I assure you we will fix this problem as your satisfaction is our priority. Best, Sue
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