A fun, unique lip balm delivered every month for less than the cost of a fancy coffee!

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April 2018
by Sunni written today
Thank you i have really liked this months lip balm.
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Love it! 😀
by Stephanie written 3 days ago
I absolutely love this and so does my daughter! I love that it's so inexpensive to get some awesome different lip balms every month and something basically "just for me"! Please keep doing what you are doing! My daughter loves the candy and I love the delicious different balms every month. 😍 It's so great to open it together!
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100% Delightful!
by Valerie written 3 days ago
I signed up for 3 months - obviously the price is right. Received my first “pouch” last week and I could not be more delighted! I’m a lip balm FANATIC and will always try a new one. The one in this pouch was high quality, great texture, strong natural vanilla scent and lovely minimalist packaging. And then...! An adorable little coin purse type thing covered in whales 🐳 which I collect! I don’t think things have to be big or expensive, but if they are “cheap” I’m not going to keep it in my life. I’m keeping this! I’ll probably stick in 4-5 must-have-with-me lip balms/sticks so I can just transfer them quickly between purses and know that I’ll have what I need. Even the business card sized info card was cute - a drawing of a whale and a sweet saying. I’m keeping that too. I ate the candy! 😋🍭
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by Michele written 4 days ago
Ordered 3 months for my niece (12 yr old) and she absolutely loved the combination of items sent.
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Customer Service & Product - Wonderful
by Christine written 4 days ago
I'm writing this review after 2 consistent months of receiving Lip Service. I'm one of those people who has a chapstick for my car, work, bedroom and purse. It's such a staple that I thought a subscription would be fun and useful. The first month I got a "Wild Maine Blueberry" and it smelled amazing and felt great too. It also came with a little candy that my son is not excited for and the other item has slipped my mind at the moment, sorry! This month I received a Vanilla chapstick and it unfortunately arrived busted! I reached out to Lip Service support and within 2 hours Rebecca responded to my email and offered my choice of the scents they featured this month. She was understanding and apologetic, though it was likely rough handling from USPS and well... these things happen. So today I received my replacement chapstick and to my surprise they sent both the Lavendar AND a replacement of the melted one I'd received prior! Not to mention they included the adorable whale bag and the candy all over again which they definitely did NOT have to do. This subscription is most definitely a keeper!
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So Fun
by Sheila written 6 days ago
Lip Service is a fun way to brighten my day. I bought a subscription for my sister and my husband bought one for me. We just got our latest bag and couldn’t be happier. Thank you!
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My Lips are Happy
by Deva written 6 days ago
I started out purchasing the cheapest option just to see what I'd get. My first month, I only got a balm, which was fine. I usually give 3 months to a sub box before I decide to keep it or not. The second month, i got a balm and a couple of candies. The third month, I got a balm, face mask, Emory board, and candy. Considering I got the cheapest subscription, I'm quite happy with it and plan on upgrading soon to see what the bigger boxes contain.
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Lip service is super convenient
by Julia written 7 days ago
Affordable and easy, and who doesn’t love getting cute little packages in the mail? I subscribed because I have a tendency to lose my chap sticks, so a once a month delivery sounded perfect. But honestly the lip balms have been so amazing, the quality and source of ingredients, that I’ve taken much better care of my chapsticks and haven’t lost a single one! Also these packages usually come with a little candy and something health and beauty related, would definitely recommend for a friend/this would make a super easy and thoughtful gift.
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Purchase 2 subscription for 6 months got
by Sheila written May 12, 2018
We bought two gift subscriptions each starting in April. We got the April box, it was great. We didn’t get May but my subscription says I’m on the third month. I’m hoping this gets straightened out.
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by Monika written May 11, 2018
I love the lengths the company goes to find unique and small brands (and yummy flavors) I wouldn't otherwise discover. The additional little gifts/treats add to the delightful monthly package.
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