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A fun, unique lip balm delivered every month for less than the cost of a fancy coffee!

$5.95+ / month

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3.8 of 5 stars
Cute and Kitchy
by Christina written Aug 13, 2018
I loved the little lipgloss and mask that i got. Bonus there was a swedish fish in there. It brightened up my day. Its good for the price and as a pick me up! And it helps small business too!
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by Katliegh written Aug 11, 2018
Amazing Love it
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Loved It
by LucyLu written Aug 08, 2018
I'm a first time subscriber,do I'm excited about receiving my first package,will give my honest review thank you
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Wrong review posted originally
by Kimberly written Aug 07, 2018
Please accept my apology for posting the wrong review listed below for Lip Service :( It was not Lip Service that I received the disappointing first monthly lip balm package but another subscription I tried on Crate Joy simultaneously. Lip Service I am happy with my first package I received and it was worth far more than the $5.95 monthly charge! You did a great job at making it extra special considering the price paid and I am looking forward to future deliveries! Please remove my incorrectly stated review below if possible. Sorry for the confusion :(
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My first order nothing as pictured
by Kimberly written Aug 07, 2018
Received my first month’s package and although it’s only $5.95.. it wasn’t as fun-filled “looking in-person” as it looks advertised. Will give another month or two try and decide if I want to continue to spend $6.00 for one small tube of non-brand name chapstick. I also joined another monthly lip gloss/chapstick subscription and it has far more products, treats, etc.
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good stuff.
by namar written Jul 24, 2018
i love natural products. plus extra stuff, cant beat that.
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No lip gloss
by Carrie written Jul 18, 2018
I received my first subscription box this month. There was no lip gloss. There was a tiny beach ball, kid sized unicorn nail files, a small piece of candy.... That was it!!!! I ended up throwing everything away!!!!!! I know the subscription is only $5.95... but come on!!! Total waste of money!
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by Laurie written Jul 16, 2018
Got my first shipment, and loved it! Well worth the price!!
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Cute, but doesn’t arrive on time
by Michelle written Jun 30, 2018
I really wanted to like this subscription. I bought it as a present to my tween step daughter and sadly the second shipment is late. They missed the month entirely. Maybe it should state it arrives every other month. Very disappointed.
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Tried it
by Annemarie written Jun 30, 2018
I tried this as my first create joy because I wanted to surprise my daughter with mail and this was affordable. I received a lemonade flavored lie balm, miniature beach ball, piece of candy, and a cute unicorn designed pack of mini nail files. It was fun and cute, but I am going to try a different subscription this month.
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