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Pretty Good Used Books Subscription

Dec 19, 2018
Rinda M.
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Subscribed for 5 months

I've received the two book envelope for several months now. The first month I received a book I already read years ago but thoroughly enjoyed. The second book was the third in a series. My local library doesn't have the first two books and the price was VERY high to purchase online, so I won't end up reading it. Both books were in good condition. For the me the first month was kind of a bust because I won't read either book. I contacted the seller to ask if it's normal to receive books that aren't first in a series and they responded right away and said this was a oversight and they offered to send me out a replacement book free of charge. Great customer service.
The second month I again received a book I already read years ago but I loved it so I'm happy to add it to my bookshelf. My second book was not something I would have chosen for myself and will probably never read. Both books were in good condition however the second book was a discarded library book and had the library stickers on the spine and inside, along with stamps on the inside from the library.
The third month I received the wrong romance rather the the YA I has signed up for. I contacted the seller and was sent out replacements in YA romance.
After spending $47 over four months I ending up receiving two books I will read.
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Literary Dream Crate said...May 03, 2019

Our subscription service is a randomized book service so tailoring to customer tastes is difficult and I am very sorry you did not recieve you books you enjoyed, and as for the library book our listing clearly states that we purchase library books to give back to the community!
As a long time customer of our subscription I am very sorry that you were upset with how your service ended. It was an oversight on my part as the notes are only saved on the merchant portal which I was not aware of. However, I would like to formally apologize that my email was abrupt and upsetting. Please contact me as I would like to rectify the situation in any way that I can!

Not the best selection of books

Jun 06, 2020
Rebecca L.
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Subscribed for 2 months

Not the best book subscription service. I received books that were from the 1970s and 80s and in not great condition. Not worth the money. This is the second shipment I’ve gotten that I wasn’t happy about. I cancelled it. **edit** I did receive a refund when I emailed to complain about it. I do appreciate that. The customer service is good.

Verified Purchase
Literary Dream Crate said...Jun 06, 2020

I apologize that you did not enjoy the selection, and I have issued a refund to your account. I will use this as a learning opportunity to improve my service.