Make A Pact to Stay Lit

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$18.99+ / month
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  • Orders Ship the same or next business day. Subscription renewals ship the third week of each month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
The Official Stoner CarePackages. Make The Pact To Stay Lit. Images represent the package contents accurately. Variations/colors/styles may differ between packages.
  • Always Tight
  • Customization Coming Soon
  • Subscribers Save!
Subscriber Reviews
2.8 of 5 stars
Exactly as pictured
by written yesterday
There is no indication that the box will be different each month. You get exactly what is pictured which could be alright for those who mist know exactly what they are getting. It takes away the element of surprise. One of the glass pieces arrived broken. They have yet to get back to me on replacing it. So far, I'll probaby not be subscribing again. They will have to do some really good customer service to get me to buy another box.
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LitPact Lite
by Marissa written 12 days ago
The LitPact Lite is definitely worth the $18.99. The items were definitely cool. I subscribed to test it out and I received a pipe, papers, tips, grinder and a pack of cones. With that said, I was hoping to see an information card and maybe some stickers. I would definitely subscribe to a bigger box.
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It a nice little box.
by Lora written 15 days ago
I honestly thought it was going to be bigger. But none the less it was awesome!!!! Great items in it.
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