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Children's Book Subscription At-home

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They nailed it with our books!

Aug 11, 2021
Alice M.
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We're off to a great start with our wonderfully chosen first book. It instantly appealed to my three boys. It is The story of Kunkush the refugee cat, who gets lost on his family’s journey from ISIS-controlled Mosul, Iraq to Europe. It's based on a real-life story, which made it all the more appealing and engaging.
I'm so happy I asked to find a book that would be suitable for a 12-year old non-native English speaker, and said which of the eight themes we were most interested in (right now, for us, this includes Human Rights & Equality, Activism and Cultural Diversity). Little Humane Books nailed it with the book they chose for us.
As my kids are very attached to our cat, they could instantly empathise with the family wanting to take their cat with them as they fled their home, and wanting to thank all those who helped to reunite the family with their pet.
While my eldest has already read the book for himself, he’s now reading it to all of us over the course of a few evenings, and we use the opportunity to talk about how the family must be feeling, and about how our society welcomes (or in many cases) doesn’t welcome people in such dire need of our help.
We're already looking forward to what next month's Little Humane Books package will bring!
Great job Little Humane Books! The world needs more initiatives like this right now!
-Mom of 3 boys