Little Italy: Italian Essentials

by Little Italy: Italian Essentials
Little Italy: Italian Essentials - Filled with food found in Italian-American neighborhoods.
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Foodies Rejoice!

Jun 02, 2020
Amelia B.
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Foodies rejoice! The ultimate Italian food experience is here :) I just received my first (of many to come, I hope) box and my daughter and I were overjoyed with the presentation and excellent and careful selection of foods included. It comes in a gorgeous red box. When you open it, there are fun red and green crinkled papers (thank you for putting less plastic into the world!). The food is carefully and beautifully packed and you get a paper telling about the different items. The food I received was high quality, healthful and delicious. This is not junk food-- this is the real Italian deal! Subscribe today-- you will no regret it.

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