Little Learning Hands World Explorers

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Give the Gift of World Exploration! Award winning Box of Hands-On Learning Activities!
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Little Learning Hands World Explorers

Designed for children ages 6 to 12 Each country themed box includes a 3D puzzle, a 2nd activity (arts and crafts, science experiments, others), a booklet full of fun facts and learning, 2 recipe cards, 4 table talk cards for whole family fun, sticker, flag, play money to mark off the exploration of a new country. First Kit is an intro to the world

  • One New Country unveiled each month through Hands-On Play
  • Each box is packed with hands-on, screen-free, STEM/STEAM activities, crafts, science projects, recipes, souvenirs and fun fact booklets to teach your child through play
  • Each box includes at least 2 life skills building activities (like cooking, sewing, building or others)
  • Great Value and Exceptional Quality Products
  • Little Learning Hands World Explorers Kits make for a great gift, rainy day activity, after school supplemental activity or homeschool curriculum activity

Sneak Peek

Photo of Little Learning Hands World Explorers current box Welcome Kit

Welcome Kit

This kit will help you explore the world. You will learn fun facts about what makes our planet so unique and the people who live in it so diverse. The Welcome Kit/ Global kit includes: World Explorers Passport and World Sticker, World Explorers Color Your Own Backpack, Global Booklet, 2 Global Recipes (Bread and Ice Cream), 3D Puzzle of the World, Scratch Off Map of the World and 4 Table Talk Cards. From our Little Hands to Yours, Welcome to Planet Earth!

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Photo of Little Learning Hands World Explorers current box France Kit

France Kit

France is one of the most visited countries in the world and it is easy to see why millions of people travel to visit France each year. The France Kit includes: France Passport Sticker to mark your exploration, France Booklet, 3D Puzzle of the Eiffel Tower, Grow-a-Maze Activity (you will need dry beans), 2 Recipe Cards (Quiche Lorraine, Tarte Tatin), 4 Table Talk Cards, French Flag and Imitation French Money. From our Little Hands to Yours, happy exploring France!

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Photo of Little Learning Hands World Explorers current box China Kit

China Kit

China is one of the World's most fascinating counties, and you are about to learn why. The China Kit includes: China Passport Sticker to mark your exploration, China Booklet, 3D Puzzle of The Great Wall of China, Cross-Stitch Activity , 2 Recipe Cards (Vegetable Fried Rice, Mango Pudding), 4 Table Talk Cards and Chinese Flag. From our Little Hands to Yours, have fun exploring China!

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Photo of Little Learning Hands World Explorers current box Germany Kit

Germany Kit

Germany is a small-but-mighty country filled with national pride and a strong work ethic. The Germany Kit includes: Germany Passport Sticker to mark your exploration, Germany Booklet, 3D Puzzle of the Brandenburg Gate, Paint with Diamonds DIY Clock, 2 Recipe Cards (Spaetzle, Apple Struddel), 4 Table Talk Cards, German Flag and Imitation German Money. From our Little Hands to Yours, happy exploring Germany!

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Photo of Little Learning Hands World Explorers current box Mexico Kit

Mexico Kit

Mexico is a multicultural country filled with many traditions. The Mexico Kit includes: Mexico Passport Sticker to mark your exploration, Mexico Booklet, 3D Puzzle of a Mayan Pyramid, Knot-a-Quilt Activity, 2 Recipe Cards (Enfrijoladas, Mexican Flan), 4 Table Talk Cards, Mexican Flag and Imitation Mexican Money. From our Little Hands to Yours, happy exploring Mexico!

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Customer Questions (3)


Q: Can we buy previous boxes? Asked by Nikki M., November 2021

Little Learning Hands World Explorers Subscription Box follows the same sequence of boxes for all subscribers - as such - we do not have previous boxes vs current boxes. Our first 1 boxes are: Global/Welcome Box, Germany Box, China Box, France Box, Brazil Box, Egypt Box, Mexico Box, Italy Box, India Box, Japan Box, Australia Box, Russia Box (more or less in this order)

by Ana M., November 2021


Q: Are there any differences in the box contents depending on the age? (A 6yr old is very different from a 11yr old)Asked by Joe M., February 2021

Little-Learning-Hands answered...February 2021

The activities are not different based on age, but we expect the support kids may need with different activities will be different based on age. Our 6-year-old subscribers may need a grown-up’s help with reading and extra hands-on help with the included activities. This is a great bonding opportunity for kids and adults or younger and older siblings. An 11-year-old, on the other hand, would be able to work through the box on their own if they prefer. Some activities may skew a bit older and others a bit younger, but the activities are designed with all ages in mind and tested with kids in different age groups.


Q: Is this box appropriate for siblings to share?Asked by Joe M., February 2021

Little-Learning-Hands answered...February 2021

The activities in each box are appropriate for siblings to share. We believe Little Learning Hands World Explorers could be a great bonding opportunity for the entire family kids and adults alike if that is preferred. Some activities are curated to be used together like the table talk cards, some can be naturally shared like the cooking activities and others are just fun to share and do together like the 3D puzzles or the STEAM activities.

Reviews (4)

Excellent for Learning Fun

Apr 16, 2021
Verified Purchase
Elizabeth C.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

This is very cute. The contents are high quality, and the customer service has been excellent when I reached out to them with a question.
First box had the perfect mix of items (one hands on art project, one fine motor skills puzzle project, one reading/writing project, plus a few bonus things). The puzzle required a little bit of parent help for a six-year-old but within the realm of what I was expecting.
I have ordered a lot of boxes from different services and this is one of the higher end ones. Very worth it to me.

Great box for my kids

Feb 13, 2021
Joe M.
1 Review
1 Helpful

This has been a great box for my family. I have 4 kids of all ages and they have all enjoyed the activities in different manners. The box contents are of very high quality and there is enough to keep the kids occupied for days if not weeks. That was a very nice surprise for us after we have had some unfortunate experiences with other boxes. The first box comes with a very nice passport to keep track of countries, scratch off map of the world, a backpack that can be colored on (a little on the younger side) and a 3D puzzle of a globe that looks amazing once done and it even spins. The recipes are great to do as a family - we actually started making home made bread since this box and we have all enjoyed learning fun facts from around the world. Give it a try! I promise you it will live up to the expectation and provide your family with lots of entertainment. The creators of this box have done an amazing job thinking through everything.

Fun hands-on learning

Feb 14, 2021
Megan C.
1 Review

We have loved our Little Learning Hands subscription boxes. We have thus far worked our way through the welcome box, the box of Germany and the box on China. And I am saying “we” because the activities are wonderful to be done as a family. They are perfect in terms of difficulty and interest for my 8 year old to do on her own but I really like that her younger sister (4 years old) was able to participate as well in some of the activities. The activities included are varied (art, building, recipes, etc.) and include age-appropriate educational information relayed in an incredibly fun way. The products are great, with exceptionally good instructions and of high quality. My kids have loved to have the packages mailed directly to them. Favorites so far have been the globe (it spins and has our city on it), the clock that they were able to bedazzle but it is also functional and coloring the backpack. Our kids have loved the fun hands-on, screen free activities and I was amazed that they prefer them to screen time which in itself says a lot about this box. Thank you, Little Learning Hands, for making learning fun and interactive.

THE BEST!!!! Worth every penny!

Apr 07, 2021
Jennie P.
1 Review

I wish I had more words to describe just how much fun these boxes are. With three kids, including a very energetic 6 year old boy, it’s a challenge finding activities that the whole family will enjoy. Enter, Little Learning Hands. Right off the bat, I was impressed with the quality of the activities, and the attention to detail. Once I saw my son, engaged, and building the 3D globe puzzle, I know I had found a gem of a product. Anything that can keep him still for an entire morning, gets an A+ in my book! I highly recommend this product, as an EXCELLENT way to unplug, and reconnect as a family. 100000/10 would recommend.

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