Little Minds Learning Box

by Little Minds Learning Box
Handcrafted activities designed the strengthen child development skills through crafts and play.
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You need to have supplies on hand

Mar 06, 2021
Stephanie S.
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I was disappointed when I opened this box. I had a lot of prep to do before she could do the crafts and games. We couldn't do some of them because I didn't have a hole punch, pink paint, dry erase marker, dice. We just happened to have some of the other items because we tried another box and that one had what we needed such as glue, watercolor paint, scissors. I won't be getting this box again. If you are like us and just starting out crafting with your littles this isn't the box for you, if you have crafting items on hand the projects that we could do were great.

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Needs to be organized better

Oct 05, 2020
Rachel E.
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I have an 18 month old and only 2 activities were too advanced. It is well thought out. I will say this box would be so much better if the items in the box were organized or numbered so you knew which item goes with each activity. It wasn't easy to figure out. We were also missing one coloring page so that was confusing. I think this can be better and enjoyed it but will wait until it has improved.

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