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Box was missing items...

Nov 21, 2018
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I wanted to appreciate this box but I couldn't. I understand the photos do not represent any particular box. However, I ordered the "lite" box with a mixture of tampons and pads, and a panty. Instead of a panty I received a pair or socks that do not fit me because I picked a panty size not a sock size so how can they know? Why were socks sent and not the panty I picked out? Instead of 2 wipes as listed in their box description I received one wipe, a blank post card, red nail polish (I def can't wear because of work), 1 cute candle, 3 tea bags, 1 under eye mask from wish. com, 1 heat pad, 1 large pad, 1 liner, 1 reg tampon, 1 super tampon. This box would be great if it were marketed, shipped, and arrived as promised with no items missing or items just thrown together. There was no snack, but there was a mini Ghiarardi dark chocolate bar.

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Not for me

May 06, 2019
Anna M.
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This box just isn't for me. I wouldnt pay that price every month for a variety of very small samples.

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Jul 05, 2018
Ashley W.
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I don't feel like this box was even close to being worth the 15 dollars I paid for it the 2 pieces of chocolate had no labels so I couldn't eat them as I had no idea what they were everything in the box looked like a mix of things people didn't want from other sub boxes I'm extremely disappointed I will post my video unboxing and review on my YouTube channel

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